What is organic and is it worth it?

What is organic? And why is it so important for us?

Bondi Beauty spoke to Wellness Ambassador from Aboutlife Natural Marketplace Vladia Cobrdova about how to live, eat and shop organically.

Vladia Cobrdova from About Life.


What is organic food and produce and what does it mean? If you walk down any supermarket aisle you’ll see words like ‘natural’, ‘no additives’ and ‘fresh’ . As Vladia Cobrdova says, “many products can be called ‘natural’ and be full of hidden nasties which are not that good for you.”

So what does it mean for a produce to be labeled organic? “Organic food is grown, harvested and packaged without the use of hormones, pesticides, antibiotics, additives or chemicals of any kind” says Vladia “for product to be called organic you need to look for certification” she continues. It’s hard to distinguish between what’s really organic and the products that are just trying to trick you, however looking at the label will usually give you a good idea of which products you can trust.

Buying organic products is not only good for our body’s but also promotes sustainable farming methods, which all impacts on living an organic lifestyle. Organic foods are “grown the way nature intended and so it tastes the way nature intended” says Vladia.

Eating organic foods can not only taste significantly different but it also provides us with the right nutrients we need in order to nourish our body. “I eat nutrient dense wholefoods” says Vladia, “It is about quality of the produce, variety and balanced lifestyle”.

Making sure our body is receiving the right nutrients is especially important for pre and post workout meals. “Your body will treat you the way you treat it” says Vladia “our bodies are our vehicles and if we put the wrong fuel in them, then eventually they will start to break down”. So eating good carbohydrates before hitting the gym will give your body the energy it needs for you to push it. Similarly eating protein post-workout will help your body repair and recover. “We need to be nourishing our bodies with real clean food, the food that we are designed to eat” says Vladia.

Living an organic lifestyle also means living a sustainable lifestyle. By choosing organic products, organic farmers can receive support to continue their sustainable farming methods, your body is receiving foods that are full of healthy nutrients and you’re passing on these lessons to others. It is important to make “healthy food and lifestyle choices for yourself, your family, the environment and future generations” says Vladia.

So to break it down, here are three simple steps to help you live a healthy and organic lifestyle.

Step One
Eliminate non-organic food.
This is the first step to living an organic, healthy lifestyle. Although organic products seem to be more expensive, the health and environmental benefits are worth the extra dollar. It’s all about eating a “clean, well balanced, nutrient dense diet” says Vladia.

Step Two
Regular exercise and rest.
Regular exercise and rest is key to healthy living, “Move and rest your body” says Vladia, “our body needs both”.

Step Three
Travel Often.
Finally, Vladia suggests that traveling often helps to live a healthy and organic lifestyle. “There are so many places to discover and so many experiences to have and travelling brings new perspective into our lives” she says.

By BB Intern Dominique Tait

For more information visit the new Aboutlife Natural Market Place in Double Bay.

What are your tips to you live an organic lifestyle?


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