Have you tried nature’s botox?

Bone broth is the new health elixir.

Drink your way to younger skin with bone broth.

You may be wondering why on earth you would want to swap your daily green juice or caffeine fix for the not-so-appealing sound of bone broth.

If you were told it could be the key to natural beauty and slow the ageing process of your skin, and organs, would you reconsider?

Vladia Cobrdova, Nutritionist and Wellness Ambassador at About Life, spoke to Bondi Beauty about the benefits of bone broth.

What is bone broth?

Bone Broth is made with bones and can contain a small amount of meat as well. Similar to stock, bones are typically roasted first to improve flavour. Simmered for a very long period of time (often in excess of 24 hours), the purpose is to produce gelatine from collagen-rich joints and also to release minerals from the bones.

Bone broth doesn’t have the most seductive name. What does it taste like?

Bone broth is surprisingly delicious and actually tastes just like stock. I suggest firstly using organic chicken bones and then progressing onto beef bones – as the taste is significantly stronger and if it is your first time drinking the broth, it is a gentler introduction.

What are the main health benefits of bone broth and why should we include it in our New Year diets?

Bone broth is simply fabulous for your health! It is incredibly nutritious and health boosting whilst also very easy to make. Gelatine is derived from Collagen (natures BOTOX) which is a protein contained in the skin of these animals.

It contains the essential amino acids which have been found to be necessary to accelerate cell growth. Collagen is the building block of the body and the basis for healthy skin, nails, bones and ligaments. We unfortunately stop production of collagen as we get older (around mid-20s) and hence our skin becomes wrinkly and bones weaken etc.

It is believed the effects of this process can be reduced by ingesting collagen through supplementation, aiding the body in the repair process.

Other benefits include:

enhanced digestion and gut health

glowing skin

increased immunity

increased energy levels and endurance

How long will it take to notice these changes?

The changes are instant – what you put into your body you get out!

Bone broth: fad or fact?

Bone broth contains huge amounts of nutrients, collagen and minerals. Bone broth has been around for many years – it’s not new, it’s just that we are going back to our roots and eating real food like our grand grandparents used to!

If someone would like to jump on the broth bandwagon how much should they have?

A cup a day keeps the doctor away.

Immune Boosting Bone Broth Recipe from Vladia:

Here is a traditional recipe which also adds some immune boosting foods to help keep you healthy, nourished and glowing. Alternatively, you can buy pre-made bone broth from health food stores.

3 big beef bones, grass fed
1 stalk of celery
1 carrot whole with skin
1 big clove of garlic smashed with skin
2 small potatoes with skin
1 knob of ginger
2 x tablespoons apple cider vinegar
1/4 cup of goji berries
1 bunch of kale

2 x teaspoons of Himalayan salt
6 x peppercorns
1/2 knob of turmeric

Place all the ingredients into a large pot, cover with filtered water and cook on the lowest heat for 24 hrs. “I usually start just after I get home from work and the next day, when I’m back, the broth is ready to take off. At the end of cooking, the bones should crumble when pressed lightly between your thumb and forefinger,” Vladia says.

“Cool and strain before putting into fridge. The chilled broth will have layer of fat on the top – skim this fat off, place liquid broth into freezer bags and freeze until you need to use. Also can be used as a broth in curries, soups, for poaching meat, fish or veggies and cooking rice or grains such quinoa, freekah or millet.”

Holly Buckingham

Holly is a nutrition graduate originally from the U.K. She has a love of all things health and well-being and enjoys trying out the latest trends. Passionate about travel, you will find her by the beach daydreaming about her next adventure.

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