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Have you tried nature’s botox?

Bone broth is the new health elixir. You may be wondering why on earth you would want to swap your daily green juice or caffeine fix for the not-so-appealing sound of bone broth. If you were told it could be the key to natural beauty and slow the ageing process of your skin, and organs, […]

Drinking Champagne improves your memory?

Champagne could prevent memory loss and improve your brain power . Drinking up to three glasses of Champagne a week could help reduce the risk of developing Dementia and Alzheimer’s, according to researchers from the University of Reading. Phenolic acids are plant substances said to have antioxidant qualities. The grapes used to make Champagne – […]

How to look Longer

US Dermatologist Dr Vivian Bucay, gives Bondi Beauty her exclusive tips on looking young – for life, and she says you’re never too young to start. “Everyone is conscious of ageing,” Dr Bucay explains. ‘The non-invasive procedures are improving all the time, but there are a number of environmental things we can all address, from […]

Could sushi & eight hours sleep be the secret to a long life?

The world’s oldest man and woman share their secrets – and sushi and sleep top the list. The world’s oldest person, 116-year-old Misao Okawa, last week revealed her secrets for a long and healthy life: sushi and sleeping eight hours a night. Ms Okawa is also convinced that oily fish such as mackerel kept her […]