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Impress mum this Mothers Day and bake cake

Show off your baking skills and try making one of these low calorie cakes for Mothers’ Day. This mothers day, there is no better time to tell your mum how much she means to you. Baking a cake can be a great way to bring people together, share an experience and do something for her. […]

Have you tried nature’s botox?

Bone broth is the new health elixir. You may be wondering why on earth you would want to swap your daily green juice or caffeine fix for the not-so-appealing sound of bone broth. If you were told it could be the key to natural beauty and slow the ageing process of your skin, and organs, […]

Olive Oil

You probably have heard that olive oil is good for you, and know how delicious it is in a salad dressing. Bondi Beauty takes a closer look at this amazing Mediterranean diet staple. By Nutrition Expert Lolita Walters  What is olive oil and how is it made?  Olive oil refers to the fat that is […]