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5 Reasons To Drink Green Tea Daily

Experts agree that incorporating green tea into your daily diet may bring a host of benefits to your skin and weight, and may even help prevent cancer. We take a look at why you should be drinking this superfood everyday. 1) It can help you lose weight Green tea is a powerful weight loss tool, […]

Have you tried nature’s botox?

Bone broth is the new health elixir. You may be wondering why on earth you would want to swap your daily green juice or caffeine fix for the not-so-appealing sound of bone broth. If you were told it could be the key to natural beauty and slow the ageing process of your skin, and organs, […]

The new age app that isn’t quite cutting it

Microsoft’s new age app is a lot of fun, just don’t take it personally if you’re not happy with the age it puts you at.     It’s the new online app that everyone is talking about. how-old.net is a bid by Microsoft Corporation to guess your age. Users simply upload a photo of themselves, […]