How to find the time to work out

Australians say they want to work out, but can’t find the time, here are some tips from the Base Body Babes:

The Gorgeous sisters who form base Body Babes have some fantastic fitness advice for Aussies, such as: “No matter how you feel, if you’re low on energy or having a bad day, JUST TURN UP, you will feel so much better once you have completed a great workout.”

A recent study by Medibank found  77% of Australian’s aren’t fitting regular exercise into their busy schedules even though more than half of the people surveyed indicated they regularly look to social media for ways to motivate themselves into better health and fitness routines.

Australian health and fitness personalities have some of the top instagram followings worldwide including Amanda Bisk (link to medibank story), Kayla Itsines, Emily Skye and sisters Felicia Oreb and Diana Johnson (known to half a million people as @BaseBodyBabes).

So what are the main barriers stopping Aussie’s from working out?

68% say it’s motivation, 53% indicated time was an issue, and 27% believe that the cost of exercise prevents them from working out.

We spoke to Felicia and Diana about how to turn #couchspiration into perspiration and what to do to stay motivated, even in the middle of winter.

What’s the best way to set a fitness goal?

Set small but significant goals and make yourself accountable. Choose a day each week to check-in and see how far you’ve come, then reassess and take manageable steps.

If someone is scared about getting ‘muscly’ through exercise what advice would you give them?

We know many people are afraid of lifting weights because they don’t want to get big and bulky. Lifting weights the right way can help you burn fat; helping you reach your goals better and faster. With the right programming, nutrition and guidance, this would not be an issue.

We encourage all our girls to have healthy, fit, strong bodies that are well proportioned and balanced.

How do you challenge yourselves to improve your fitness conditioning and strength?

If you keep doing what the body can already do, the body doesn’t need to change.

We believe it is most beneficial to change workout programs every four weeks to prevent the body from adapting and plateauing.

Every week you should aim to achieve more than you did the week before. This is the art of progression.

What are some good ways to regain your fitness mojo?

Find your source of inspiration, write down your goals and put a plan in place. No matter how you feel, if you’re low on energy or having a bad day, JUST TURN UP, you will feel so much better once you have completed a great workout.

Grab a friend and workout together. As sisters and besties, we love working out together in the gym, it is always much more fun and we can help each other push through when we feel like giving up.

Ready to turn off your phone and head to gym?

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Sydney’s Base Body Babes practice what they preach.
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