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How to get a better night’s sleep

There are plenty of natural remedies for a better night’s sleep. Leading Australian sleep expert Dr Carmel Harrington spoke to Bondi Beauty. For many women, getting a good night sleep, can be more elusive than finding the perfect man. Alarmingly, a lack of adequate shut-eye on a regular basis has been linked to chronic health […]

Sleep is as important as diet and exercise

Sleep is as important as diet and exercise, and the first step is turning off your phone at night.   Using technology late at  night is creating some significant bedtime hurdles, which mean many of us are not sleeping as much as we should. Sleep specialist Dr Carmel Harrington spoke to Bondi Beauty;  “Twenty years […]

Why morning exercise can change your life

People who exercise in the morning are healthier, fitter, have greater drive and can even look younger than those who don’t. A morning fitness routine can quite literally change your life. From looking younger to achieving your fitness goals, morning fitness is the single best way to get the most from your exercise routine. According […]

Candles from a cricketer’s wife.

Michael Clarke’s wife has launched her own candle range Kyly Clarke knows a thing or two about multi-tasking. After marrying Australian cricket captain Michael Clarke in a lavish country wedding three years ago, the trained interiors stylist has done much to shake the WAG label, appearing on Dancing with the Stars, becoming a brand ambassador […]

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