Fitness trends for 2014. These are the fitness trends we think will be big this year to tone up, lose weight, & have fun.

From HIIT to night fitness, these are the fitness trends Bondi Beauty predicts for 2014.

Don’t be surprised to see some old favourites in our list of fitness trends for 2014. They’re only to get bigger, but there are a few new trends beside them.

Bondi Beauty predicts Cross-Fit, Yoga and Cycling are just three fitness trends to grow in 2014.


You’ve heard us talk about HIIT before – workout for a shorter time for better results, well we reckon it is going to be BIG this year. Short but super intense  20-30 minute workouts are followed by a period of rest. Builds strength, makes you lean and certainly makes you sweat.


Another Bondi Beauty favourite using weights as well as your own body weight to give you the body of your dreams, and strength like you’ve never had before. One hour classes include a WOD – workout of the day.


Not just for the boys, cycling will continue it’s rise as the new golf, but more and more girls will get entrances, especially in spin classes or cycle labs, which are adapting their music and routines to target women. It’s low impact, burns a lot of calories, and only takes about an hour.

Body weight training

A workout where you don’t need a gym or a trainer – perfect if you are on the go, and most of you will be in 2014. Body Weight Training uses your personal body weight for resistance training. It strengthens and tones muscles, and you see results fast.


Yoga just goes from strength to strength and for goods reason – it’s a body, mind and holistic workout in a community of people who somehow reach out to each other. It will only get bigger this year, and from hatha to iyenga, astanga, a class is a great compliment to any exercise regime, even if you only get there once a week.

Corporate Fitness

If you work in a large corporation, if they’re not paying for you to do fitness, it’s time to ask why. All of the research is showing corporations benefit from fit staff who take less sick days, feel better and are more mentally active and alert. Some are putting in gyms, paying for boot-camps, have yogis visiting every lunch time or give staff fitness centre memberships.


The new kid on the block, Barre classes are graceful as well as powerful for building long, lean, flexible muscles as well as great posture and balance. You workout on a ballet bar to music for about an hour – lots of stretching.

Night fitness

Some swear by evening fitness working out in the evening. Not for everyone, it apparently ensures you have better sleep, rise easily, and  eat less at night, therefore reducing your overall calories load and increasing the metabolic rate. Nike’s She Runs The Night Event is something to aim for mid-year, and many training sessions in the lead up are at night.


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