Bondi Beauty speaks to the Victoria’s Secret trainer on how to get a great butt.

Ever wondered how the Victoria’s Secret Girls get such a great butt? We have, and tracked down Victoria’s Secret trainer Leandro Cravalho from Beachbody to find out how we can get one too.

Victoria's Secret
Izabel Goulart walks in the 2013 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, November 2013 in New York City.

Leandro has created The Brazil Butt Lift Challenge,  a 60 day program that promises to tighten every aspect of your derriere.

Q: What is the Brazilian butt challenge and how does it work?“The Brazil Butt Lift is a 60-day program. The key to the success of Beachbody Brazil Butt Lift is the cutting edge TriAngle Training Technique that works the three major muscles of the buttocks; the gluteus maximus, working them from countless angles to lift, firm, and shape the perfect behind.”

Q: Why did you create the butt challenge and why do the Victoria’s Secret girls need a special butt workout?“I was asked by Alessandra Ambrosio and Ana Beatriz Barros to focus their workout program on their butts without bulking up their legs. I knew floor work with ankle weights andresistance bands would be very effective. So I put together ballet, capoeira, and afro-brazilian dance to create a workout that worked the butt from different angles and reached every part of the three major muscles (Gluteus Maximus, Medius and Minimus) without bulking the thighs.”

Q: How long does each session take, how often should you do it, and when should you see results?There are six workouts in the Brazil Butt Lift pack:

Basics (20 minutes)

Bum Bum (35 minutes)

High & Tight  (35 minutes)

Sculpt  (50 minutes)

Cardio Axe (30 minutes)

Tummy Tuck (20 minutes)

You can either do just one each time or a mix of two different workouts. For beginners Leandro recommends 2-3 workouts a week and then as you progress you can move up to 4-5 workouts a week.

Q: How do you start the program?

I recommend kicking off the program by using my 6-Day Supermodel Slimdown, which will help you see results really quickly.  It’s great for an upcoming vacation or special event – you will lose up to 6 pounds and 6 inches in just 6 days.  It’s simple to see results fast – you just eat what’s outlined in the plan and follow the daily workouts…it’s challenging but works.

Q: Are there celebrities who do it?

The Victoria’s Secret angels – including Alessandra Ambrosio and Giselle Bundchen, Blake Lively  and Sting.

Q: Where can we sign up for a class?

You can purchase the Brazil Butt Lift DVD workout from the Beachbody website for $59.85 + postage –

For more information on Bottoms Up! Fitness see –

Web-site link:


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