Five ways to Boost your Body (and lose those last 2 kilos).

Do you have a couple of kilograms you just can’t shift? Here are some quick boosts to  help you along.

Team sports are a great way to exercise without really noticing and commit you for a whole season.

It can be a slow process getting back on track after indulging in summer treats from cocktails to ice-cream, but with a bit of self-control, a new mind-set and some structure, returning to your regular healthy eating and exercise habits is easier than you may think. Try some of these tips to help you kick-start your healthy 2014.

1. Throw away all holiday foods/snacks

As painful as it may seem to throw away those last few chocolates in the box, you will be thanking yourself for doing so the next time sweet cravings kick in. Once all the unhealthy food is out of your cupboards, you won’t be able to thoughtlessly nibble on sugary, calorie dense foods on the couch all night. After a while of not eating sweet foods, your cravings for them will decrease, so you’ll begin to feel satisfied with healthy snacks instead such as fresh fruit, vegetables and hummus.

 2. If you really need a naughty treat- eat it and keep it out of the house

 If you’ve worked hard all week but cant stop thinking about a bite of chocolate or handful of chips, go out and buy it if you absolutely must, but ensure you eat it before you get back home. If your home is junk food-free and you are forced to physically go out and buy a sneaky snack, you may find your craving isn’t as strong as you think if you find you can be bothered to go out and get it. Even if you are determined to indulge in your sugary snack and manage to reach your favourite café for a piece of cake, you will enjoy it more as you have made the effort to go out and get it. Treating a snack as a special outing becomes more satisfying than sitting on the couch and stuffing yourself with chips and candy.

Always choose a single serve treat instead of that big block of chocolate so there are no left overs to eat another time.

3. Ditch the “I’ll see how I feel after work/or when I wake up” gym excuse

Haven’t found time for your regular workouts between the numerous summer BBQS and parties this summer? Don’t succumb to guilt, you can promise yourself to step it up a notch this year, now that you’re getting back into working out. Schedule set workout days, instead of just exercising when you feel like it. If your days are planned ahead, it will become part of your routine making you more likely to stick to your plan. For gym goers, ensure you book in your free program appointments for the whole year. This way, you know when they are well in advance so you don’t have last minute excuses for not attending.

4. Try a new workout and pay up-front

The best way to spark some exercise motivation or have a rest from a repetitive gym routine, mix it up this year with a new workout. New exercises keep your calorie burning efforts fun and exciting, instead seeming like a tedious chore. Doing a variety of workouts will also challenge different muscles, helping sculpt your whole body. If you pay up-front, you may go out of obligation at first which will get you out the door. Give one of these exciting workouts a go –

Social: Team Sport

Team sports are a great way to exercise without really noticing and commit you for a whole season. From soccer to netball, you’ll burn of the kilos, get fit and have fun. If you’re single you may even meet someone new.

Calories burned: 250-450 per hour.

Kid at heart: Trampolining

Trampolining is no longer child’s play, but a beneficial exercise for all ages. This low impact workout is fun and energising, helping boost your fitness levels and your mood.

Calories burned: 200-300 per hour

 Tranquil: Bikram Yoga

This workout certainly works up a sweat, performed in a room up to 40 degrees! Bikram Yoga stretches and strengthens muscles, while offering a relaxing experience with breathing and meditation exercises.

Calories burned: 400-500 per hour

 Water babies: Paddle Boarding

Paddle Boarding delivers a full body workout, burning fat while toning your muscles. Ideal for those who love the beach and want to work on their suntans simultaneously!

Calories- 500/600 per hour

 Adventurous: Rock climbing

If you want to tone up and build muscle, this is the workout to try. Rock climbing tests both your upper and lower body strength and is great for cardiovascular health.

Calories burned: 550 per hour

5. Pump up the volume

To get in the mood for exercise, try playing some new fast paced tunes. Research shows that fast and upbeat music keeps you motivated and move faster, which means you can workout for longer and burn more calories. Try updating your Ipod with some new beats and create a pumping workout playlist to get into the zone.


By BB Intern Jessica Brears




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