How to Use a Resistance Band For a Full Body Workout (Easiest Lockdown Fitness)

how to use resistance bands at home during lockdown

Co-founder of boutique fitness studio Flow Athletic, Ben Lucas shares his tips on how to use a resistance band for a full body workout, the easiest while in lockdown.

A resistance band is a great addition to any workout, but when you are in lockdown, they are especially awesome. This is because they can add resistance to a lot of different exercises making them far more effective. 

The big thing to be aware of, is that just because they are not a traditional weight does not mean that you shouldn’t still take them seriously. As such, pay attention to your posture and how you are executing the exercise to ensure that you don’t end up with a torn muscle or associated injury.

Not only are resistance bands easily portable, but they also don’t take up much space in your home, they are easy to use and can provide you with a full body workout. 

Ben’s top full body exercises using a resistance band are:

Loop Band: Legs

Banded glute bridge: For this exercise, pull the resistance band up so it is over your knees. Having the band higher than the knees will protect your knee joints.

Lie on your back with your feet around 3 inches from your butt. Then thrust your hips into the air, hold for 3 seconds, then slowly lower down. With this exercise, squeeze your glutes, keep your knees at least at hip width apart so you can get the benefits of the resistance band, and don’t overextend your back. This exercise is not about having a boomerang back, it is about working your glutes. Keep your back in a straight line so that you don’t injure yourself.

Banded Squat: With the resistance band around your legs and above your knees, push your glutes back into a squat, and then stand back up. Make sure your feet are at least hip width apart to get the benefits. Mix up your movements from full squats to squat pulses. 

Runner’s lunges: The resistance band will prevent you from stepping as far forward as you normally would with a lunge. With the band above your knees lunge down into what is almost an uneven squat and come back up. Do 10 reps a side. Keep your core in tight as this will require balance.

Loop bands: arms

Chest pulls: Holding the resistance band in front of you with straight or bent arms, slowly pull it out to the side, hold for 2-3 seconds then slowly release the tension. Keep your shoulders back and down and your cort tight. This is great for your chest, arms and even back if you do it correctly.

Shoulders and chest: Put the resistance band over your arms and above your elbows. Hold your arms up at 90 degrees but in front of your face, pulse your arms up and down for 10 reps, then pulse them out to the sides for 10 reps. Be aware of your posture so this exercise does not injure neck.

Resistance band: full Body 

Lunges with bicep curl: with the longer resistance band, tie it around a railing or stand on it to keep it in place, then perform a bicep curl as you lunge.

Lunge or squat with overhead press: Again, holding the band in place, do lunges or squats while pulling the resistance band overhead to work your triceps.

Resistance push up: hold one side of the band under your left arm, have the band go over your back and the other side held into place with the right arm. From there you can do push ups while holding resistance onto yourself to make it a bit harder.

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