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The Best workouts according to your zodiac sign: Aries

This month: Aries March 21 – April 19 Workouts: cycling/ Running / HIIT classes Aries is energetic and turbulent. Speed and competition are a key asset for this zodiac sign. Aries will never do something just because someone else is doing it. Aries is determined and knows what they want. Dynamic mindsets and lifestyles are […]

Five Things I Love about Chicago

Chicago is my kind of town, and it could be yours too. Here’s why: When I competed for Australia in the world triathlon championships in Chicago last week, I didn’t expect to fall in love with Chicago. Here are the 5 main reasons this town rocks: The running and cycling tracks: The city sits next […]

Six reasons ditching the car for your daily commute could get you fit and save you money

Walking or cycling to work will not only keep you fit and healthy, it can improve your mental health and save you money on your insurance.   A sponsored post written by Renae Leith-Manos 1) Keeps your weight down: A 30 minute walk to and from work burns around 360 calories a day. Exercise can be […]

Cut and tone fast

How to target specific areas and have a toned body. Total body conditioning is the best way to cut and tone effectively. To get a good overall body workout, you need to focus on specific areas to really feel the burn. Legs Cycling does wonders for the thighs and calves. Start your workout with four […]

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