6 Essential Lip Products for Hot Summer Lips (And One is Under $6)

essential lip products for summer

6 essential lip products to help you have hot lips for summer.

Now that we are well in truly in the middle of summer, it’s time to up your lip game for soft lips all season long.

Lük Beautifood Morning Lip Kit – Fresh – Gift Set – RRP $69

One must have summer lip essential is this beautifully crafted lip nectar and lip scrub by Luk Beautifood, which contains nourishing (almost edible) ingredients to help smooth the lips and keep them hydrated, so lipstick applies better and stay on for longer too.

The Supergreens Lip Scrub is made from a botanical cocktail to replenish parched, dull lips and help reduce fine lines whilst re-invigorating natural colour.

The Vitamin C Lip Nectar is an all-in-one nourishing, botanical-rich lip food serum to promote cellular renewal and create super moisturised smooth lips. The high potency C serum is designed to promote cellular renewal and create super soft, hydrated lips primed for applying any type of lip product from lipstick to lip gloss.

Bobbi Brown Luxe Intense Lipstick “Desert Sun” Shade – RPR: $60

A little goes a long way with the Bobbi Brown Luxe Intense lipstick where compliments will come from left and right with this product.

With the help of Hyaluronic Acid in the formula, the lipstick will keep the lips moisturised throughout the whole day.

The ‘Desert Sun’ shade, along with the 14 other shades, are bright and highly pigmented which will stay on and provide a slight shine the longer its worn.

Again, a little goes a long way with this product so when re-applying, don’t go overboard and apply too much as the colour may bleed beyond the lips.

Lük Beautifood Lipstick Crayon “Fig Brûlée” Shade – RPR: $24.95

Used to fill in the lips or simply as a liner, the Lük Beautifood lip crayon has a smooth consistency which glides on the lips effortlessly.

This 100% vegan lip crayon contains organic coconut oil and plat waxes that are full of antioxidants and rich Vitamin E. Its colour is a gorgeous plum and rose for a warmer, yet bold makeup looks and a matte finish.

For olive skin tones, this colour will give the lips a natural pigmentation where it is buildable for more layers.

Its hydrating but would still be recommended to re-apply on the lips occasionally, during the day and night.

Morphe Colour Pencil “Sweetest Tea” Shade – RPR: $12

A classic and timeless lip pencil, Morphe’s Sweetest Tea pencil is affordable and wearable for any occasion.

One swatch provides a pigmented maroon shade, so it’s guaranteed the pencil will last all summer. This lip pencil is a great starter for a sexy, yet natural lip, and its bold colour suits all skin shades.

The creamy texture provides an easy application and doesn’t dry too quickly and stays on all day. 

Burts Bees Lip Shine 14g “Whisper” Shade – RPR: $12.99

Formulated without any harmful ingredients such as parabens, phthalates and petrolatum, the Burts Bees lip shine softens the lips with sunflower seed oil.

The product is ideal for giving the lips a hint of colour and a recognisable fruity scent, tying together a natural makeup look. The beautiful shine it produces is hard to miss, especially when the sun hits the lips at the right time.

The product does run on the thicker side so, a little goes on a long way when applying it. In saying this, its thickness has no issue moisturising the lips – perfect for long hot days and its hygienic packaging is a purse essential.

Re-apply the lip shine every couple of hours to maintain the colour and moisture of the lips. 

Rodan + Fields REDEFINE Lip Renewing Serum – RPR: $79.

This lip serum is an unconventional method to apply lip products however, the capsules ensure the correct amount is used every time.

The gel-filled capsules help reduce redness and to maintain the lip’s natural moisture. Ingredients include Vitamin E, Peptides and Shea Butter, all formulated to keep the lips a smooth and healthy during the hot seasons.

Only use the serum once in the evening daily and do not rinse it off. As it is recommended to use daily, expect results after using the product a few times and ensure to be consistent to achieve effective outcomes. 

Dermal Therapy Lip Balm “Berry” – RPR: $5.49

For a simple and quick lip application, the Dermal Therapy lip balm is a great pick.

If used consistently throughout the day, the lips will have no issue being dry as its perfectly thick texture moisturises and hydrates severely dry lips.

The lip balm has a fresh berry scent which stays on even after the balm dries.

However, the lip balm does include menthol in the ingredients so, after applying it, the lips may feel a slight tingle which may not be the most ideal sensation. But if the tingle isn’t an issue, then this lip balm may just be a top summer essential. 

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