In 45 minutes, you’re out and on with your day – F45, a new type of training.

If it’s good enough for Ricky Martin and Nicole Ritchie, it’s good enough for us. If quick but effective training is what you’re after, F45 is it.

F45 is a new type of fast, effective, fun training sweeping Australia and about to hit Bondi.

Hugh Jackman’s Sydney trainer Luke Istomin is one of the business brains behind this new type of workout.

It’s hard, fast and gets results. Just be prepared to sweat, and do it at least three times a week.

What is it: F45 training is a systemised, fun and challenging HIIT based 45 minute workout. It is based on a holistic approach to training and combines a host of elements to ensure you train hard, and get results quickly.
Basically, you do a circuit of different cardio and weights machines over a 45 minute period, and you’re teamed with one or two others in a larger group of around 20 people.

How did it start: It was founded by former equities trainer, Rob Deutsch who met with celebrity trainer Luke Istomin to come together to create a new concept in Sydney fitness.

F45 includes cardio and weights training.


Who does it work best for: Anyone looking for accelerated results. Great for those who feel they are not committed to their current fitness routine and need fresh inspiration. Also, a great way to meet new friends and tone up quickly.
F45 gives you a good cardio workout and increases muscle mass as you lift weights (and hardly notice you are doing it).

It wont work if: You’re looking for something calming. If you’re new to fitness or haven’t done fitness for an extended period of time.

What we love: It’s fast. You workout hard, but you see results quickly too, and it’s all over in 45 minutes.

Every session of F45 is different, so there’s no room for boredom to set in.

There are new franchises popping up all over Australia, and a new one will be opening in Bondi soon.

Check it out at

Is 45 minutes enough time to get a decent workout?

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