5 Ways To Take Care Of Your Skin This Winter

How to take care of your skin as the weather’s getting cooler.

Winter can take its toll on your skin.

Winter launches a two-pronged assault on your delicate facial skin; the cold causes flaking, cracking and even eczema, but when the heater is on, the contrasting warmth causes yet more dryness and potentially inflamed skin.

To save you from that nasty skin dryness, Bondi Beauty has put together a list of five easy steps that you can take to protect your skin this winter season.

1.First and foremost, follow the advice of Calif-based dermatologist Dr David Voron, who recommends seeing a skin specialist who can help you handpick a product that your skin will respond well to. Advice of salespeople in your local pharmacy won’t be tailored to you, and may be affected by the store’s desire to push a certain product.

2.Lenox-based Esthetician (a licensed professional specialising in maintain and improving healthy skin) Bonnie LaPlant’s top tip is simple: moisturise more. And don’t just stick with the moisturiser that you use in summer – find an ‘ointment’ moisturiser that’s oil-based. Whilst this may sound counter-intuitive, the oil will form a protective layer on your skin that will retain more moisture. Make sure you choose non-clogging oils; look for avocado, primrose or almond-oil based products.

3.Sunscreen could be your skin’s best friend this winter. Again, it sounds counter-intuitive, but sunscreen isn’t just for summertime. Dr Rod Hannaford of the Skin & Cancer foundation reminds us that hardly a day goes by without some level of UV radiation, and it’s a well-known fact that UV radiation accelerates skin aging. Don’t fall into that trap.

4.Hook up the humidifier instead of that central heating system. As well as saving on your electricity bill, humidifiers get more moisture in the air, as opposed to the hot dry air blasted out by your central heating. Placing several small humidifiers throughout your home will disperse moisture more easily. The moisture will soak into your skin and help it survive the colder months, according to NYU Medical Director Dr Clifford W. Bassett.

5.Even though soaking is burning hot bath after braving the cold might feel great, the intense heat will break down the lipid barriers in the skin, leading to a loss of moisture. LaPlante advises taking a warm bath for a shorter amount of time. For itchy skin, dermatologist Dr Kenneth Bielinski suggesting adding oatmeal or baking soda to the water. Post-soak, periodically re-apply your moisturiser.

By BB Intern Yael Brender

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