6 Fitness Trends That Are Defining Us This Year

Barry's Bootcamp

From online group workout sessions to outdoor PT we look at the workout trends already taking over 2021. 

An industry that is ever-evolving and adapting to the current times, the fitness industry is booming with more people than ever wanting to look and feel good. 

Fitness Gurus Going Global

Launched in 2012 in Sydney’s east, F45 has become a worldwide sensation. The F45 model has been successfully rolled out in the US and UK and now has a presence in more than 40 countries around the world.

Similarly, Barry’s Bootcamp, known simply as Barry’s, has its origins in West Hollywood but has had success in Sydney with studios popping up in Surry Hills and Martin Place.

From training some of the best including David and Victoria Beckham, Kim Kardashian, Adriana Lima and Harry Styles, Barry’s provides workouts that burn up to 1,000 calories in one class. 

Barry's bootcamp red room with treadmills, located in Surry Hills and Martin Place.
A different kind of red room.

The studio is tinted red to encourage participants to love themselves in the primal rush of the workout which combines weight training with cardio and alternate bursts of intense anaerobic exercise. 

The instructors appear to serve as equal parts eye candy to motivational fitness gurus who will push you to your physical limits. 

Pricey at Home Fitness Equipment

Due to Covid more people than every are opting for the safety of at home workouts to keep fit.

With prices ranging from $60 to $150 for private Reformer Pilates classes this workout is known for being at the higher end of the price range when it comes to fitness. Reformer Pilates is practiced on a bed like frame, using springs and weights to create resistance. 

Reformer Pilates is a full body workout, increasing strength, flexibility and balance resulting in better posture and a booty to die for. 

Vive active reformer pilates beds located in Neutral Bay, Double Bay and Brookvale.
Reformer beds at Vive Active.

If you want to work out from home you can pay $59 per week for 24 months and keep your own reformer at the end of your plan with Vive Active. You will also get a reformer box and one year of Vive stream classes. 

Shelter is another option when it comes to working out from home. This boutique studio is now offering similar deals where patrons can pay $29 per week for 24 months to own one of their PRO bikes. A 12 month subscription to their on-demand library of calorie smashing workouts and ankle weights are also included.

the RIDE bike from Shelter, Double Bay.
The RIDE bike from Shelter comes with shoes, ankle weights and more.

Working out on a stationary bike is low-impact workout that doesn’t put stress or pressure on bones and joints. Cycling boosts cardio fitness and burns body fat strengthening the legs and lower body muscles. 

High End Fitness Classes

At Barry’s classes run for 55 minutes and start from $36 for a single class.

In studio Reformer Pilates classes with Vive Active start from $35 for a 50 minute class. Enjoy state-of-the-art lighting, mirrored ceilings, award-winning design and epic beats bumping studios their studios in Neutral Bay, Double Bay and Brookvale. Classes run for 50 minutes and will challenge you physically and mentally.

We love Double Bay based wellness brand Shelter who offer ride classes, flow yoga and boxing in their boutique studio. Try out their saunas and ice bath to take your post workout recovery to the next level. A single ride class runs for 45 minutes and costs $35.

The juicery and vegan smoothie bar at Shelter Double Bay will have your drink ready for you after class.
The Luxe juicery and smoothie bar at Shelter Double Bay

Shelter also has a juicery and vegan smoothie bar with a range of drinks you can order before your class to be ready the minute you walk out, and the crowd here are definitely the pretty people of the eastern suburbs.

Community Fitness

Valuing movement, inclusivity, consistency, fun, connection and positive mental health, the 440 Run Club was named after the founders Trent Knox and Todd Liubinskas started meeting at 4:45 am to go for a 5 am run. 

Community fitness group 440 Run Club was founded by Trent Knox and Todd Liubinskas.
This is what community fitness looks like.

The club is free to join and open to all runners, walkers and shufflers. They show up rain, hail or shine every Saturday to move together and connect in person. Starting from Bronte beach at 5 am check out their website to find your closest 440 Run Club.

Compete With Your Friends Online 24/7

From apple watches to fit bits, wearable technology can take your fitness to another level. With heart rate measuring capabilities, step counters, sleep tracking data and much more, wearable tech can help you optimise your fitness.

An impressive 32 km Sydney bike ride.

Compete with your friends online by comparing Strava stats and join in 30 day challenges to motivate and propel you to get active.

Wellbeing Holidays Replacing The Big Booze Ups

Many boutique fitness studios offer health and wellness coaching to help their clients get motivated, overcome self-limiting beliefs and build healthy habits. 

Retreats are another option as they can help participants step back from their daily lives to rest and rejuvenate. Allowing for this time out can bring clarity to the challenges that lie ahead.

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