10 Years of Fitness & Fundraising

What better way to get fit and work towards a major fitness event than to fundraise for cancer research at the same time.

Annie Crawford (front) founded Can Too 10 years ago

That’s what Can Too, a non-profit program of fitness training has achieved for nine and a half thousand participants since 2005; this year they celebrate 10 years – and are counting down until their 10,000th participant comes along.

This year charity Can Too celebrates 10 years and $13.2 million raised. The founder Annie Crawford is still at the helm, and with the charity in three states now, she’s as passionate and driven as ever.

“The ethos of Can Too is that we believe in you until you believe in yourself,” she says. “It’s scary for everyone when they first start but we have trained over 9000 people for running, swimming and triathlon events. Many have lost significant amounts of weight, all have got fit, and so many people’s lives have been significantly changed from the journey they’ve been on with us.”

It was the death of Annie’s father at just 51 from bowel cancer that originally gave Annie the desire to create a charity combined with fitness. “Can Too is turning a negative into a positive,” she says. “The unintended consequences are amazing. It’s not just about raising money.” 

“People achieve things for themselves, and each one has an amazing story. It’s social, goal orientated and supportive. Often whole families get involved,” Annie adds.

 To join, you simply sign up on the website for $100, select a program  such as a 10 kilometre run, and commit to both the training and fund raising campaign until you complete your event. Professional coaching is offered at a range of locations to support your preparation and progress.

This year on the 10th of October (10/10), a Can Too Collective will be held in Centennial Park to celebrate the 10th birthday. “People can donate anything from $10 to $100 to join our family day.” 

Check out the Can Too for more. 

How has cancer affected your life?

By Renae Leith-Manos

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