Lash Lift Review: What is a Lash Lift and Do They Work?


Bondi Beauty trials a Lash Lift. Is the treatment worth it and are they better than eyelash extensions?

I saw an Instagram post the other day showing the before and after results of a treatment called a lash lift. The dramatic results of the treatment seemed too good to be true, so the Bondi Beauty team insisted I find out more.

So here it is: everything you need to know about lash lifts and the results they provide.

A lash lift is essentially a perm for your eyelashes – a treatment that lengthens and curls your natural lashes, with results lasting up to 2 months. The treatment is a more natural, lower maintenance and more cost-effective alternative to eyelash extensions, which some claim are bad for your natural lashes.

I reached out to the experts at the Amy Jean Brow Agency (who specialise in eyelash and eyebrow treatments) to see if this treatment is really worth the hype.
Amy Jean’s Keratin Lash Elevate treatment uses keratin (which is a protein found naturally your skin, hair and nails that strengthens, protects and nourishes) to lift and lengthen your natural lashes, with results lasting from 6-8 weeks.

The treatment costs $130, and this includes a tint. For results that last up to 2 months, that’s pretty good bang for your buck given a good mascara can cost upwards of $45, makeup or using or eyelash curlers don’t give long-lasting results, and lash serums can take months to show any noticeable change.

I have naturally quite dark and long eyelashes, so I was interested to see just how much of a difference the treatment would make. Here’s what I thought:

What the Treatment Involves:

For the treatment you are sitting with your eyes closed for around 45 minutes while your lashes are tinted,  and the keratin treatment is applied.

Basically, your eyelashes are painted over a mould which sets them into a shape that you’d normally have to use an eyelash curler to achieve. Amy Jean Brow Agency has different shaped and sized moulds depending on how naturally long/short, straight/curly your eyelashes are.

I was warned that if you open your eyes a little and the treatment gets in it might sting, but I didn’t have this happen to me.

The process was actually very relaxing – I definitely fell asleep a few times during the treatment, and they throw in a gorgeous hand massage while you’re waiting for the treatment to set.

After the treatment you can’t wet your lashes for 24 hours, and you need to avoid steam for that time as well, so don’t go getting your lash lift before a facial or a bath, and shower before your appointment so you can avoid steam and water in the shower for as long as possible.

The Results:

So, first thing’s first: this treatment gives genuine, immediately noticeable results (the photo speaks for itself).

The sudden difference in the length of my lashes actually overwhelmed me a bit for the next week – I could feel my lashes hitting my eyelid and I was getting at least one person a day asking me if I had curled my lashes.

Day-to-day I found myself wearing no eye makeup at all while the results of the treatment lasted, which was fantastic.

However, for the first two weeks after the lash lift, I found that when I had a special occasion that I wanted to do a more dramatic makeup look for, my eyelashes were so long that they actually got in the way a bit and made it harder to apply eyeshadow, liner and mascara.

I think I liked the look of the lift best 2 weeks after having it done, as by this time the lift had dropped just a little bit, giving a more natural appearance.

If you want to check out other amazing before and afters head over to Amy Jean’s Instagram. 

The Overall Verdict:

So, the difference after having the lash lift was undoubtedly noticeable and I got a load of compliments.

The amount of people who pointed out the change does suggest that you could tell they weren’t my ‘natural lashes’ (but this settles after 2 weeks).

I think this treatment is perfect for those who have naturally lighter, shorter or straighter lashes. I had relatively long curled lashes to begin with so the results were quite extreme.

This treatment is a must if you want to cut out the time in the morning spent curling and applying mascara to your eyelashes.

I think the long lashes also made my eyes appear more youthful and bright, so I also found I wasn’t covering the dark circles under my eyes so much either.

As an alternative to a high-maintenance eyelash routine like daily curling, stick on lashes or extensions, this is 100% something that you should try.

Click here to find out more about the Amy Jean’s Keratin Lash Elevate and other gorgeous beauty treatments.

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