The Secret to Long-Lasting Makeup – for as little as $19.99

Primers are the beauty world’s secret to keeping makeup looking flawless all day.

There’s nothing worse than being active or on the go all day and night, only to realise makeup has become patchy or faded. It can be demoralising and send anyone straight back to the bathroom for a quick touch up.

But what happens if you forget your makeup on the go? Or you simply don’t have time to reapply makeup?

The answer lies in primers. Primers are designed as a barrier between the skin and makeup. They create a flawless canvas for makeup to be applied onto, allowing products such as foundations, blushes and highlighters to withstand the test of time and stay in place.

Additionally, some primers have added benefits, such as minimising pores and reducing the appearance of uneven skin tone. Put simply, primers are a must-have addition if you want makeup to look better and last longer.

Benefit POREfressional Hydrate Primer, RRP$56

Ideal for: Dry skin

Benefit knows a thing or two about primers – the original Porefessional primer is award-winning, voted as the UK’s number 1 primer and Best in Beauty by BeautyHaven.

Now, they’ve gone one better, offering an updated version that additionally focuses on hydration.

With a subtle lemon aroma comes this gel-like primer, gliding easily over the skin. This product feels amazing on; it’s lightweight and oil free, while the skin is left feeling hydrated and moisturized.

benefit porefessional primer
A double whammy primer that minimizes pores and keeps makeup in place.

This effect is due the inclusions of Hyaluronic Acid and Shea Butter, making it a perfect option for those with dry skin.

This primer also significantly helps to minimise the appearance of pores and fine lines, appearing as if a light, natural filter has been applied over the face.

As such, this can be worn with makeup, making foundation appear smoother on the skin, or as a natural moisturiser for makeup-free days.

Arbonne Makekup Primer, RRP $58

Ideal for: Moisturizing and maintaining hydration

This gel-like primer from Arbonne melts seamlessly into the skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth.

Arbonne primer
A silky smooth primer from Arbonne.

 It’s the perfect base for foundations, creating a smooth surface ideal for blending makeup that prolongs its use.

Additionally, the thick, silky texture helps to reduce the appearance of pores and fine lines, filtering the skin. Yet, the product doesn’t feel heavy or caked on the skin – it’s that lightweight.  It’s also fragrance free – which is a bonus for sensitive skin.

While the inclusion of grapeseed oil helps to retain moisture, supported by green tea leaf extract that conditions the skin.

Designer Brands Rise & Prime Luminescent Primer, RRP $19.99

Ideal for: That sought after natural glow

It’s no longer justifiable for a primer to just help keep foundation in place.

This offering from Designer Brands is a next generation primer, levelling up the game with its multi-use benefits and skin loving ingredients.

Designer Brands primer
Peach and gold highlights give this primer a glow from within.

Unlike others, this primer uses a slightly tinted formula, which gives an added boost of colour to the complexion.

Light illuminating peach and rose gold pigments also provide a subtle glow, shining on the face as natural light hits.

The gel-like texture ensures a seamless application, both onto the skin and when applying foundation.

The formula isn’t tacky or sticky either, but rather feels smooth and luxurious – a real selling point considering the under $20 price tag.

Additionally, inclusions of Aloe Vera, Green Tea, and Vitamins A, C, and E are a bonus touch, helping to encourage skin cell renewal and the evening of skin tone.

Napoleon Perdis Auto-Pilot Long Wear Eye Primer, RRP$25

Ideal for: Keeping eyeshadow in place

While it’s important that foundation sticks to the face, it’s almost equally as crucial that eyeshadow also stays in place.

Enter the Napoelon Perdis Eye Primer, helping to keep pigmented shadows bold and beautiful no matter the nights occasion.

Napoleon Perdis long-wear eye primer
Providing a tacky surface for eyeshadow to grip onto.

In a convenient, travel sized tube, this primer features a tacky-like texture that helps the eyeshadow stick smoothly. It also reduces any chance of creases or cracks within the shadow.

This primer works best when still wet and fresh on the eyelid, acting as an ideal base and barrier between the skin and makeup.

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