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How To Up Your Beauty Game With Just Three Products

Tired of the same old beauty routine? Spice up your beauty game by adding these products to your everyday makeup routine. Simple and easy but proven to make a bold statement.   Go Bold – Lips Matte lips are here to stay. And with autumn/winter coming our way, now is the best time to ditch […]

Why you may not need to cut split ends just yet

French make-up and skincare company Loreal have introduced Pro-Fibre the first hair repair system, that works. Fifteen years of research have resulted in 15 patents for Pro Fibre (which uses  US spelling) which promises to repair hair, particularly damaged hair and provide support to the hair structure so it thickens and doesn’t need trimming. If […]

Six timeless beauty tips:

Makeup is about enhancing your best features according to Maybelline’s Nigel Stanislaus.   Here are six timeless beauty tips for the best make-up ever: 1) Concealer, mascara and blush are three products that bring instant radiance and youthful glow to your face. Learning how to use them to their full potential is critical. 2) For […]

It’s time to switch your cleanser

A change of weather means it’s time to change your beauty products, especially your cleanser.  The most important of these is your cleanser, as often it is the only product you use twice daily, so the product you use most on your skin. 1- Skin is usually dryer in winter and oilier in summer, so […]