We’ve Found Your “Magic Beauty Wand”

We are an ageing population, and lucky to be so, but with living longer and growing older comes a larger desire to look younger.

CEO and Founder O Cosmedics Marie Enna-Cocciolone

While natural beauty products look and feel great on our skin, to really turn back the clock we need to look to active ingredients. Actives are scientifically backed to repair damaged skin and reverse the signs of ageing.

Bondi Beauty spoke to Marie Enna-Cocciolone, CEO and founder of O Cosmedics to find out why “actives” are our new magic wand:

Why is O Cosmedics at the forefront of anti-ageing?
O Cosmedics was created to support the maximum level of actives in skin care products and take a more medical approach to skin care treatments. O was designed with the five major causes of ageing in mind in order to cater to the ageing population. The brand gives the professional skin therapist enough actives to actually make and see a skin difference.

[The Australian brand captured international firsts in science, technology, packaging, skin transformations and skin solutions when it was launched in 2010.]

What are active ingredients?
Active ingredients (or actives) are natural or synthetic ingredients that are used in their “functional dosage” to change the physiological behaviour of the skin.

The key word is “functional” which refers to the amount or percentage of active used. Imagine an active that reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles when used in a product at 1% (the functional dosage). Products that abide by that required dosage are strong enough to make a skin difference while those that don’t are only worth justifying a marketing claim. 

Why are ‘actives’ so important to our skin?
As you age, your cells try their very best to go into early retirement; their function slows down, they become imbalanced and challenged to the point where we start to see a visible skin difference. Active ingredients are important because they have the potential to stimulate cell optimisation and prevent skin degradation.

Why is science and cosmetics such a good combination?
Cliché skin care terms like “beauty by nature” and “smell good, feel good” are now in the history books dated somewhere around 1980. Based on molecular medicine and today’s medical advancements scientists have been given what we, in the 80s, could have only ever imagined as a ‘magic beauty wand’. Through wound healing breakthroughs and biomimetic deliveries, science in skin care allows us to stimulate cell activity to not only preserve the skin but correct and reverse actual skin damage.

And peptides?
A Peptide (molecules made of two or more Amino Acids) are linked in a chain by the same bonds found in protein. These links allow scientists to combine a number of different ingredients triggering multifaceted skin results which, because Peptides are tiny, have the ability to penetrate deeper into the skins layers. Combine that with ingredients that work in synergy and you have a brilliant skin treatment option. 

O Cosmedics Range
O Cosmedics Range
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