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Sex Proof Makeup

There’s nothing worse than when you finally decide that tonight is the night with that special someone, you apply a gorgeous sultry eye, you do the nasty and then check yourself out in the mirror afterwards and realise you’ve gone from beauty to the beast. Your lipstick has smudged, your mascara has run, and all […]

Painful Sex? There’s an exercise you might want to quit

If you have painful sex, quit the Pelvic Floor exercises (Kegels) and take up Yoga instead. Do you experience pain during sex? or spasms and shooting pains when inserting a tampon or during intercourse? If so, it may be time to quit those Kegel exercises and substitute them for yoga. A huge 60% of women […]

Feeling Younger May Lead to a Better Sex Life

Feeling old? We might have some bad news for your sex life. If you’ve ever felt like your sex life was so boring you’d rather watch paint dry on the wall, it might be down to a simple thing: how you view your own age. A recent study from the University of Waterloo has revealed […]