Vintage Beauty Trends That Have Made Comebacks

Who knew Vintage Beauty Trends would make a come back?

From the classic vintage red lipstick look, to pinching cheeks for a temporary blush, beauty trends are a great way to follow the crowd and learn what different makeup tips and tricks work. These vintage beauty trends are some of the most popular trends from the past that have now made comebacks. 

Beauty trends have been emerging and re-emerging as day to day life evolves, here are 9 vintage beauty trends that have made comebacks recently.      

Graphic eyeliner 

The 1960’s graphic eyeliner by Cher is an iconic look that has been recreated over the decades. To recreate this look, KVD’s Tattoo Pencil Liner Waterproof Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner for $22 is a great option as there are 10 different colours to choose from. 

To recreate this look paired with Cher inspired brows, the Lady Me Brow Stamp is the perfect product for natural looking brows to complete the look. 

Pinching the Cheeks for Blush

Pinching the cheeks for a natural blush has been passed on as a beauty tip throughout generations of women, and still features in natural or no-makeup makeup tutorials. Although this vintage beauty trend works, it is only temporary. For a longer lasting blush, the blush in the Mellow Cosmetics Stardust Glow Palette is a perfect natural shade for medium to dark sin tones. The palette also comes with highlighter and bronzer.  

Red Lipstick

Lips were a strong feature of 1950s makeup, with red shades being the most popular lipstick colour choice. Red lipstick came in many shades, from the deeper blue-based colours through to lighter orange-based ones. The red lip look has no doubt made a comeback as it is once again super popular because it is an iconic, classic way to elevate and brighten up any makeup look. 

Gwen Stefani wears red lipstick religiously, to recreate her look, the Natio Matte Lip Colour Lipstick in the shade Beauty is perfect. To read more about which lipsticks are also great for recreating Gwen Stefani’s iconic red lipstick look, click HERE

Long Lashes 

The KE Gro Mascara for $40 is perfect for the classic long lash look. This mascara is gently infused with KE Lash Serum properties to enhance the condition of the natural lashes, it is also combined with rich volumising mascara that adds length, curl and volume to the lashes. 

The KE Gro Mascara is natural, cruelty free and packed with peptides, natural extracts and collagen, which all deliver essential nutrients to the eyelashes. 

Natural Looking Brows 

In the 1940s, a more natural, thicker brow with a defined shape came into vogue thanks to icons like Rita Hayworth. Natural, thick brows are now back in style with procedures such as brow laminations being done to create a full brow look. Read about why a brow lamination is a game changer for your brows HERE

The Lady Me Brow Stamp works wonders for creating natural looking brows. There are six different shades to choose from, including dark brown, soft brown, medium brown, black, auburn, and blonde. The Lady Me Brow Stamp is currently on sale from $43 down to $38.

Frosted Eyeshadow 

Pastel or frosted eyeshadow is a Y2K inspired eyeshadow trend, and it has been brought back from the 1990’s and 2000’s. Frosted eyeshadow involves using cool colours, like blue, pink, silver, or gold, to create a gradient of colours across the eyes ranging from light to dark, resulting in a bold and fun makeup look. To read more about frosted eyeshadow, click HERE.

Sun Kissed Cheeks

In the 1960’s and 1970’s, supermodel Janice Dickinson influenced the more natural look of sun kissed cheeks, rather than wearing bold makeup looks. This look is easily recreated with Benefit’s Floratint, that can be applied to the lips and cheeks for a stunning sun kissed look. 

Berry Coloured Lips 

Lipstick became popular in the 1920’s, with red being the most popular choice. Other than red, berry coloured lips were also very popular as it created a darker, more bold lipstick look. Some great options for berry coloured lips are the Mellow Cosmetics Liquid Lip Paint in the shade Berlin, Lük Beautifood’s Lipstick Crayon in the shade Honey Peach, Benefit’s Floratint, and Morphe’s Sweet Tea Trio

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