Winter Eye Make-up To Die For.

Winter is not a time to take it easy in the make-up department. This season it’s all about classic lines, matte and shimmer.

Compliment your winter eye makeup with a deep red lip
Compliment your winter eye makeup with a deep red lip

So be sure to up your eye game with these 5 amazing new products from some of our favourite make-up brands:

Tarteist Lash Paint Mascara RRP $35.00

A lick of mascara is the finishing touch to any make-up look, and a daily necessity for most, which means we almost always apply it last. That puts a lot of pressure on mascara, it has the ability to ruin all our previous work with a simple flick or smudge. The straight, soft bristled brush from Tarteist takes the pressure off. Not only does this mascara provide full, paint-like coverage, the shape of the brush ensures no gluggy mess.

This is the mascara to finish off a classic eye. Said to increase lash volume by 2700%, lashes appear longer and fuller, which means we can tone down the shadow and eyeliner and eyes are still going to pop. Apply additional coats for a thicker, fuller result.

Marc Jacobs Fineliner RRP $24.00

Fineliner is one of the newer products in the Marc Jacobs range. Capturing the gel like consistency of one of our favourite products, the Highliner, this liner is perfect for a more subtle look. The 2mm crayon, sets in place and is perfect for all day wear. Fineliner is available in two shades, black and white, so why not play around with the monochrome set. A  thin black line across the lid and the lower waterline lined in white is all you need to make eyes pop. 

The crayon does actually appear more dark grey then black, which is preferable for a daytime look. To intensify simply add a black lacquer over the top once your perfect cat eye is in place.

M.A.C Studio Eye Gloss/ Brooke Candy RRP $50.00

Just because it isn’t summer anymore doesn’t mean dewy and natural isn’t in, and M.A.C knows that. Available in two contrasting colours (White-Yin and Black-Yang) this high shine gloss can be used alone or in conjunction with another eyeshadow to enhance pigments and provide a subtle wash of colour. To many, this sticky gloss may be a little intimidating – hot tip – test on the back of your hand, especially if you plan on combining with powder shadow.

Applying a powder shadow on top means you can alter the pigment of your shadow and is easily applied with your finger. For a daytime look just use the White-Yin, you’ll be glittering all day long (without any disco vibes) and trust me, this gloss isn’t going anywhere, so there is no need to reapply.

IT Naturally Pretty Essentials Matte Luxe Transforming Eyeshadow Palette $28.00

Discover your most naturally pretty eyes with this must-have palette that’s perfectly sized to go wherever you do. With six gorgeous, natural shades this is the perfect palette to have a little fun with. Infused with hydrolised collagen, real silk and peptides, each shadow glides on beautifully and highlights in all the right places. 

The top 3 shades in the palette are all perfect to coat the entire lid, the bottom 3 are darker and best to deepen the crease and the largest shade, found on the side of the palette is a highlighter. Use the highlighter under the eyebrow, on the brow bone, to highlight the area and open up the entire face.

Arcona Eye Dew Plus RRP $95.00

The newest product from anti-ageing skin care brand Arcona combines active anti-ageing ingredients to reverse visible signs of ageing. Application is simple with the easy to use pump. Use day and night to plump fine lines and wrinkles with liquid crystals, repair and stimulate skin with Dermaxyl, brighten and defend against damage with vitamin C and improve the texture of age-damaged skin with Cavamax.

The theatrics make this product all the more exciting. Half a pump is all you need for both eyes. Rub the white cream between your fingers to warm it up, it’ll turn a shiny coral colour. Sweep the product below the eye, right up under your lashes, around the outside of the eye and dab the rest on the eyelid. As it cools it will turn a shiny, mint colour. I expected the Eye Dew to tighten the skin, instead it was a comfortable product to wear to bed, despite the stickiness.

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