Festival Beauty Survival Kit: How to Keep Your Face in Place

From mascara to makeup wipes, here’s everything you need to survive a multi-day festival.

Multi-day, camping festivals can be an amazing time full of fun, parties and glitter. But what isn’t so amazing are the hot temperatures, portable bathrooms and camping conditions that can make anyone feel less than clean and refreshed.

With festivals such as Coachella and Splendour in the Grass fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about how to make a beauty routine festival-proof.

From staying hydrated, to cleansing, to ensuring makeup doesn’t sweat off, taking extra measures can help make a festival one to remember, with beauty still intact.

Here are the products that are a must have to survive camping festivals.


Primer – Clarins SOS Primer RRP $50 AUD

Festival beauty survival: Clarins primer
Clarins SOS Primer is available in six different colours to match different needs

Applying a primer before foundation or concealer can be the difference between makeup sweating off instantly and maintaining a sleek complexion.

Primers help minimise sweating through the pores, additionally acting as a barrier against dust, dirt and water, all of which will probably be encountered at a festival.

Applying a primer is therefore key in ensuring makeup lasts, acting as a base that products can cling to, while also ensuring a smooth application and finish.

The Clarins SOS Primer is perfect for festival beauty, as it also protects and hydrates the skin for up to 24 hours, while reducing the look of fatigue by revitalising the complexion.

Available in six different colours, this primer also acts to reduce redness, dullness and dark spots, making skin illuminous and bright – perfect for that festival glow.

Click here for more reasons to incorporate primer in a beauty routine.

Makeup setting spray – COVER FX Illuminating Setting Spray, RRP $31.00 AUD

Makeup setting sprays
Makeup setting sprays are an easy beauty hack to make makeup last all day long

Setting sprays are another way to ensure makeup lasts longer and remains fresh. Think of them as like hairspray, which keeps hair in place, but for makeup on the face.

Ingredients in setting sprays can vary, and it’s important to choose the right product for individual skin needs. For example, sprays that contain alcohol will have more staying power, says celebrity makeup artist Gloria Elias-Foeillet, who has worked with stars such as Emily Ratajkowski and Alessandra Ambrosio. 

But alcohol-based sprays are not the best for people with already dry skin, as the alcohol can reduce the skin’s hydration.

Sprays that contain no alcohol won’t hold makeup for as long, but they will help with boosting the skin’s hydration, which can be a major issue at festivals, where people are in the sun all day.

The CoverFX setting spray is a great option for festivals, as it gives a healthy glow

The COVER FX Illuminating Spray is a great festival option. It’s alcohol free and contains no parabens or sulphates, meaning skin won’t dry out, and it’s weightless formula leaves skin feeling refreshed and hydrated.

Leaving a luminous finish, this spray literally makes skin glow, adding to that shiny festival look that is so desired.

Apply a setting spray as the final stage in a beauty routine, after all products are on the face. Spritz in a ‘T’ and ‘X’ motion about 20 centimetres away from the face, avoiding the eyes. A little goes a long way, and the mist is enough to keep make up in place.

Lip Stains – Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint Longwear Fluid Lip Colour, RRP $36

Lip stain lip tint
Lip stains are a long-wear alternative to lipstick

There’s no point in wearing lipstick if it’ll just slide off after a sip of one drink.

Lip stains, or lip tints, are lipsticks designed with a long wear formula to minimise just that.

Clinging to the lips, these provide super-pigmented colour that even the toughest of makeup removers will struggle with.

Fenty beauty lip stain
Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint in shade Unlocked

Fenty Beauty’s Stunna Lip Paint in shade Unlocked adds a bright pop of colour that is perfect for a festival look.

The unique lip-defining precision wand allows for easy, flawless application that can be quickly applied. With a soft, matte-pigment finish, its long wear formula also makes it perfect for a festival or night out, the colour not budging or fading.

Waterproof mascara – Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara Waterproof. RRP $47 AUD

Anything can happen at a festival – from sweaty mosh pits, to having a few drinks spilled on you, to crying over your favourite musician. 

Wearing a waterproof mascara ensures one is covering all bases for any situation, and that lashes won’t be looking colourless and dull by the end of the day.

Lancome Monsieur Big Waterproof Mascara
Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara Waterproof has a 24 hour long wear formula

The Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara Waterproof has a 24 hour staying formula that will leave lashes full, feathery and black throughout the whole day, regardless of the situation.

With a large brush and an ultra-creamy formula, it also won’t dry out or leave lashes hard and clumpy.

Other Beauty Necessities

Make up wipes – Neutrogena Deep Clean Purifying Micellar Wipes, RRP $7.99

The usual cleansing and face-washing routine of everyday goes out the window at multi-day festivals. With bathroom lines usually being massively long, no one wants to stand around and wait for a splash of water to cleanse their face – particularly if the only bathroom is a portable one.

As such, makeup wipes are an easy, quick way to not only remove makeup after a long day, but also to clean the face from dirt, dust and sweat.

Neutrogena Deep Clean Purifying Micellar Wipes make up remover
Face washing made easy: Neutrogena Deep Clean Purifying Micellar Wipes

The Neutrogena Deep Clean Purifying Micellar Wipes are a great option.

These not only remove makeup, but they also act as cleanser to remove excess oil, dirt and pore-clogging makeup. Additionally, they help to purify skin, allowing it to maintain essential moisture and hydration.

With a clean fragrance, these leave skin feeling fresh and revitalised, and they’re dermatologist approved, so those with sensitive skin are also catered for.

Dry Shampoo  – Batiste Eden Dry Shampoo RRP $15.99

Dry shampoo can help prolong hair before it needs washing, while also soaking up any oil and dirt that may be present.

It can also add volume and texture to lifeless hair, completing a festival look.

Batiste Dry Shampoo
Batiste Dry Shampoo helps give hair volume and reduce oil production between washes

Batiste is Australia’s best-selling dry shampoo brand, because it works. With a quick spray, hair can be taken from oily and lifeless to textured and volumed.

Available in a number of different scents and convenient travel sizes, this is perfect for when it’s inconvenient to wash hair, like at camping festivals.

Sunscreen – SunSense Sport SPF 50+ RRP $7.99 AUD

This is a no-brainer when it comes to surviving festivals. Hours spent out under the sun can leave skin red, burnt and feeling raw – and dealing with sunburn and a hangover is never a good combination.

Choose a sunscreen that provides the most protection, SPF 50+, and one that is sweat-proof, such as those used in sport.

SunSense sport sunscreen
Choose a sunscreen that is sweat and water resistant.

The SunSense Sport SPF 50+ is sweat and water resistant for up to four hours. With a lightweight feel, it’s not as grimy and heavy as other products, and it also contains vitamin B3 to help maintain the skin’s hydration and texture.

Choose the travel size and it’ll fit into a small handbag, perfect for reapplying while out in the mosh pit.

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