The Beauty Products Every Woman over 25 Should Invest In This Year

Bondi Beauty chats to skin specialist and makeup artist, Kate Treweek about top beauty products every woman should invest in.

Skin specialist Kate Treweek speaks to Bondi Beauty about the must-have products for 2015.

If you’ve been using the same foundation for years, or are still washing your face with the first cleanser you ever bought, it’s time to re-think your beauty regime. “Over time, we need to re-evaluate the products we use as our age plays a huge part in what we should be using”, says Clarins skin specialist and makeup artist, Kate Treweek.

Although twenty-five is hardly considered old, Kate explains that “the body can already start to go through some changes from this age”.

“Our hormones start to change in our mid twenties, which can have major effects on our skin. As we age, oil, collagen and skin cell production decreases, which can result in drier skin that doesn’t have as much spring and ability to bounce back.”

Bondi Beauty chatted to Kate about the top products we should invest in as we get older to help fight the signs of ageing.

Eye Cream/Gel

Your mid twenties is when you should start thinking about the delicate skin under eyes, which is often the first place signs of ageing appear. To help protect against collagen damage, an eye cream or gel should be used morning and night.

Gels are not as rich as creams, therefore appropriate for your first eye care product. As we get older, skin tends to get drier, so over time or as you feel necessary, introduce a thicker, more hydrating eye cream. “Using moisturiser  alone wont do the trick either and can cause permanent damage,” says Kate.

“Moisturiser is far too rich for the under eye are and can contribute to puffiness and milia which is difficult to reverse and will make you look older.” Dermaviduals eye gel plus is one option at  RRP $110.00. Clarins eye revive beauty flash RRP $40 is a great way to give eyes an instant boost, as you put it on, have a 20 minute rest and wipe away any excess.

Dewier foundation

Unless you have very oily skin, most women should start using a more luminous foundation as they get older. Matte foundations are a popular choice, but not always the most flattering, says Kate. “Women often go for matte foundations as they provide the most coverage, but they also tend sit in fine lines and dry skin making problem areas more noticeable.” Kate suggests going for a foundation with more moisture and a dewier finish to give skin a glowing lift. Clinique’s dewy smooth anti-aging makeup SPF 15 RRP $50.00 is one choice, as is Bobbi Brown’s long-wear even finish foundation SPF 15 RRP $68.00.

Matte Eyeshadow

Although glitter and shimmer may be glamorous for going out, too much sparkle can be unflattering on eyes  starting to age. If you’re concerned about drawing attention to any fine lines or drooping around the eyes, stick to a matte eyeshadow which is more subtle and flattering. MAC eye shadow’s awesome pigments means they look great and stay put., and there are seemingly endless colour choices. RRP $33.00

Moisturiser with SPF

Sun damage is the biggest culprit for causing wrinkles, dark spots and uneven skin tone. Your mid twenties is the time to develop prevention techniques so your skin can stay as youthful as possible for the years to come.

SPF should be worn on your face every day, whether it is sunscreen or in your moisturiser or makeup. Kate recommends SPF 30 for most women to be safe. However, those with particularly pale or sensitive skin should consider something higher for maximum protection.

Lancome’s Hydra Zen Neurocalm Moisturising cream SPF 15 is a luxe way to start each day.  Natio’s daily defence moisturiser SPF 50 +is a great product at a great price $17.95.


With fine lines and uneven skin tone that can start to set in with age, primer will be your best friend to help smooth out your complexion before applying foundation. Primer helps fill in any lines and deep pores so your foundation will glide smoothly on top. As a bonus, it also helps your makeup stay on for longer.

Tom Ford’s Illuminating Protective Primer improves tone and appearance whilst brightening skin. RRP $98.00. Benefit’s That Gal! brightening face primer is fun and easy to sue, and brightens the skin RRP$53.00.

A treatment oil

The sooner you address any marks or scars you have, the sooner and more likely they can be improved. Stretch marks or acne scars you may have from your teenage years can be reduced with treatment oils, says Kate. “Applying a treatment before bed, such as a lotus based or rosehip oil, is great for helping with the appearance of scars. It won’t clog the pores and doesn’t leave your skin feeling oily.”

Natural beauty company Jurlique has a range of beautiful oils for the face and body which feel amazing. Purely Age-defying firming face oil RRP$65.00 is luxury for face. Lemon Body Oil $32.00 is beautiful for the body.   Another alternative is Bio Oil, which works well on stretch marks and also keeps your skin nourished and moisturised. RRP $24.95 100ml.


As we age, less is best when it comes to makeup, that’s why investing in a good concealer is so important and nearly more valuable than foundation, says Kate. Concealer is great for covering any imperfections so you can achieve a flawless complexion, without layering on the foundation. Kate suggests choosing a concealer specific to the areas you’re targeting.

Dark under eye circles: Go for something that is light in texture and consistency so it doesn’t look cakey, or sit into fine lines. Loreal’s true match concealer RRP $19.45 works.

Blemishes: Choose a yellow based concealer which will help counteract redness, and ideally one with antiseptic or anti-blemish qualities. . Clinique’s anti-blemish solutions clearing concealer RRP $35.00  fits the bill.

By BB Intern Jess Brears

What is your age defying makeup product?

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