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Say Bye Bye to Dry Skin For Good

Former Aussie Olympian Swimmer Giaan Rooney, says she has the solution to dry skin. We caught up with Australian Olympian Swimmer Giaan Rooney, and mum, who is the ambassador for E45, to find out how it relieved her suffering from excess dry skin conditions. How did you manage your dry skin conditions whilst being an […]

Dry skin? Here Are The Best Creams To Moisturise Your Face

Whether it’s caused from the cold weather, or it’s something you battle all year,  dry skin isn’t fun. When your skin is dry it can be easily irritated and more sensitive. Makeup doesn’t sit well and you may even find your skin breaking out, as the dry skin blocks your pores. And where a good […]

The ultimate detox for your feet

Milky Foot Active promises smooth, baby-soft feet in just one effortless application. This luxurious at-home treatment claims it will makeover your feet and remove hardened skin and dry cracks through its intense peeling action to reveal milky-soft skin. You put your feet into gel-filled plastic bags for up to an hour, remove them, wash your […]

The Beauty Products Every Woman over 25 Should Invest In This Year

Bondi Beauty chats to skin specialist and makeup artist, Kate Treweek about top beauty products every woman should invest in. If you’ve been using the same foundation for years, or are still washing your face with the first cleanser you ever bought, it’s time to re-think your beauty regime. “Over time, we need to re-evaluate […]

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