The best beauty tip ever from Kate Moss, Cate Blanchett and Elle (and it’s free).

Expert UK Beautician Nichola Joss spilled the beans on Kate Moss’s beauty secret – and it’s free and you can do it every day. Facial massage helps your skin replenish, stay moist, and helps increase the skin’s cell turnover says Sanctuary Spa Expert Nichola Joss. Why should we massage our face? Facial massage is always my […]

Super foods for a super face

Eat these foods and look better – yes, it’s true. Super foods for a super face Forget expensive face creams, eating the right food can  give you better skin. From grass-fed beef to pomegranate, we tell you what to eat to look great.  Coconut Oil Coconut is certainly the food of the moment, and the oil […]

How to have beautiful skin in 6 easy steps

There’s nothing better than clear, clean glowing skin. Here are six ways to ensure your skin is glowing at its best. 1) Make sunscreen your new best friend. Your skin can’t get enough protection from the sun, especially at this time of year. You need sunscreen every day, and if you work out at lunch […]

Tania Zaetta talks to Bondi Beauty about the ultimate summer self- tan.

Tania Zaetta  speaks to Bondi Beauty about traveling the globe,  and looking fit and fab with the ultimate self-tan.  Bondi Beauty: When did you first start tanning? Tania: I first started tanning about a decade ago while living in London – where the sun doesn’t shine very often –  and it was the first time […]

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