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Avoid These Make-Up Blunders to Look Young & Fresh

How to avoid the make-up mistakes that make you look older 1. Wearing too much make-up:  This is the easiest way to age your face instantly, as the older our skin gets, the less make-up we actually need. Thick foundation can block pores and sit in wrinkles making them look heavier and bigger than they […]

Make your own foundation

The Lip Lab Sydney has launched their very own Build Your Own (BYO) foundation, which is customised to your skin type and skin tone. The Lip Lab, which is a US concept, is a gorgeous lip bar in Paddington, where you can go to create your own lipsticks or lip glosses, all custom made and […]

Beauty Cocktailing for Natural Beauty?

So what exactly IS beauty cocktailing? New Zealand make-up artist Michael Ashton has revealed he uses so-called cocktailing to create Adele’s make-up looks, and we know exactly what he means. Many women claim it’s their secret to natural beauty. You see women over a certain age – is it 30 or 35 – whatever, well […]

Tips to keep your makeup looking fresh all day.

Are you spending time putting your makeup on in the morning and then finding it has almost disappeared by lunch? Avoid the dilemma and check out these simple tricks to help your makeup stay on all day. Fading foundation Flawless makeup always starts with a healthy base, so your skin care regime is crucial to […]

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