Brows on Fleek: The Best Eyebrow Products We’ve Tried for Under $40

Ready to hit the town? Get those brows on fleek with these new affordable eyebrow products, tried and tested by us – and all under $40.

In lockdown, it was perfectly acceptable to go days without makeup, eyebrows straggled and hairs flying everywhere.

But now, employees are returning to work, restaurant dates are on the cards, and there’s even reports that live music may soon begin again.

So, how do we react? Well, some of us are taking the lessons learnt from COVID-19 and are pairing back on their expensive pre-lockdown beauty routines. For others, it’s been a quick adjustment back into reality – and that’s where brow products in.

It’s no secret that brows define and frame your face. For many, having brows filled in, fluffy and fresh, can bring a whole stack of confidence.

Doing so often means one can skip the other makeup products, while still maintaining a composed, put-together look.

Need a new eyebrow product in your life to get those brows on fleek? Tried and tested, these are Bondi Beauty’s current favourite eyebrow products, all under $40.

NYX Fill & Fluff Eyebrow Pomade Pencil, RRP $20.95

Allowing for ease of use, a brow product that utilises a dual ended design is a must have in any beauty routine, especially when both ends are as good as the NYX Fill & Fluff Eyebrow Pencil.

Fill & Fluff NYX Eyebrow Pencil
A waxy pomade sponge helps keep brows in place

Instead of a typical spoolie type brush, this pencil uses a waxy pomade sponge, which helps keeps each hair in place, without feeling like a sticky substance is weighing down the brows.

It’s also great for fluffing up the brows and creating that desired ‘arch’, offering a natural yet refined look.

The pencil end is small enough to fill in even the tiniest of gaps between hairs, and it ran smoothly over my brows.

The colour wasn’t overpowering, nor did it look unnatural; instead, a pigmented, matte finish. This is a product that will remain in our beauty arsenal.

LUMA Beyond the Brow Grooming Gel, RRP$16.95

In a handy travel size, this eyebrow grooming gel from LUMA will fit into even in the smallest of clutches.

This brow product features a tinted fibre gel that provides a natural colour to the brows; not too dark, but also not light enough that it’s presence can’t be seen.

LUMA brow gel
A long lasting, brow defining option

It can also be built up if a darker colour is desired, or left light from just a few swipes if you’re just after a natural enhancement.

The formula also isn’t tacky or heavy on the brows, and the small mascara-wand-like brush ensures that even the smallest of flyaway hairs can be groomed back into place.

By accident, I actually slept with this product on my brows overnight.

But I was pleasantly surprised to wake up with not a hair out of place, the colour still pigmented, and my brow shape still defined. It’s a winner from me.

Napoleon Perdis Eyebrow Pencil in Chocoholic, RRP $32

This Eyebrow Pencil from Napoleon is a tiny addition to the brow arsenal: it’s thinner and smaller than a regular pencil, making it a perfect addition to a clutch on a night out.

Napoleon Perdis brow pencil
Perfect for any small clutch

With a retractable design, this small pencil is best suited to filling in finer details on the brows, the fine tip allowing for easy application to those fly-away hairs. The texture is smooth and creamy, making application a dream with just a few simple strokes.

Despite the small head, the colour is matte and pigmented, lasting all day in a natural looking finish. 

Napoleon Perdis Wand-er Brow Eyebrow Gel, RRP $32

This eyebrow gel from Napoleon is about as different as it comes from their last brow offering, as above.

It’s a little harder to apply than other products, simply because of the skinnier wand and lack of a spoolie brush, meaning your brows first have to be brushed in place with another appliance before going in with this wand.

Napoleon Perdis brow pencil
An ink like formula plays off with a pigmented colour

The wand is also fairly bendy, which means greater care needs to be used when applying, or you’ll end up with brown, overdrawn brows and random shadows – which are nobodies best friend.

However, the colour and formula is what stands out here. Using an ink-like formula and a precision wand applicator, this gives off a pigmented, rich colour that is long-lasting and hard to wash off; ideal for all day wear.

The gel texture is also a nice addition, making application seamless in just a few strokes. 

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