Trialling Jennifer Hawkin’s Daily Beauty Routine (And We Answer Beauty Questions From Our Readers)

Trialling the beauty routine of Jennifer Hawkins

I trialled the beauty routine of Jennifer Hawkins for a week, to see how good it works.

Australian celebrities have hot bods, natural beauty and promote healthy lifestyles of making yourself beautiful from the inside out.

And most of them all have something ion common too. Celebrities such as Jennifer Hawkins, Miranda Kerr and even Chris Hemsworth, all swim in the ocean regularly, drink plenty of water, eat a clean diet and avoid chemical-based beauty products. Yes, even the men.

After spending few hours researching a variety of different beauty routine by some pretty hot Aussie celebs, I tracked down a very easy to follow and simple beauty routine of Jennifer Hawkins.

Unlike the weird beauty trends of some American celebrities (see article here on how weird American celebs can get in their beauty routines), Australian celebs tend to have a more natural way of keeping themselves beautiful.

Here’s what Jennifer says about her daily beauty routine:

  1. Introduce a lot of coconut oil and olive oil into your diet,
  2. Drink plenty of water,
  3. Take a zinc tablet every day.
  4. Use an oil-free, thick face moisturiser at night to nourish skin whilst you sleep.
  5. DIY home made facial every week (click here for some inspiration),
  6. Blue and red-light LED light treatments monthly
  7. A Derma-sweep (similar to a microderm-embrasion, less harsh) a fortnight.
  8. Wear matte lipsticks and always wear mascara if nothing else.
  9. Exfoliate your body and your face at least once a week,
  10. Use self-tan to create a natural glow to both your face and body.
  11. At night, rub coconut oil into your skin for an extra hydration boost,
  12. Leave some in your hair for a few hours for a natural hair mask.
  13. If you’re prone to oily skin, use a mineral-based powder on your t-zone areas only to rebalance and polish off your natural beauty look.

It all seemed fairly manageable and a lot of what she was doing daily is what I am already doing (gold star for me), so I figured it wouldn’t be too challenging to implement her daily beauty routine into my own for a few weeks, to see what results I would gain at the end.

Her routine was pretty easy to manage, although I must admit towards the end of the week I did struggle with the increased water intake. I already drink a lot of caffeine-free herbal teas, along with general water throughout the day, so increasing my water intake meant I felt fairly bloated at some part of the day.

I also had no time at all for DIY face masks, and it got me wondering whether or not Jennifer actually did this. I mean if my daily routine is hectic, her’s surely must be more crazy. Right. I settled for face masks which were as natural as possible and almost good enough to eat to replace the whole DIY concept.

I also didn’t fancy the idea of going to sleep with coconut oil all over my skin. So, I left it on my skin for a few hours and then used a towel to wipe off any excess before bed. I definitely felt an increase in hydration by the morning when I included this into my routine, as the coconut oil worked as a barrier whilst I slept to lock in moisture.

By the end of the week, I’ll admit my skin was glowing and it was noticed by others, who commented how fresh and vibrant my skin looked.

Whether this can be contributed to the fact that I followed a more strict daily beauty routine, where more often than not on a busy week, I don’t find the time to properly exfoliate my body or self-tan and often find it hard to fit in a trip to the nail and hair salon. I will never know. But it certainly reminded me that no matter how busy I am, do find the time to treat yourself to the right type of care needed, as you feel so much better afterwards.

Considering Jennifer’s routine is fairly natural and not weird in any way, I’ve actually maintained in some part, a lot of her daily routine into my own permanently, as a way of keeping track of my own routine.

I wake a little earlier in the mornings now so I have time to properly prep my skin before applying foundation. I set monthly reminders for when I need to book my hair appointments, even if it’s just for something simple, like a wash, treatment and blow-dry. I’ve even included a Friday evening ritual of kicking back with a clay mask, whilst treating my nails to a home-made pedicure and manicure instead of stressing about finding time for the nail salon.

A little self-care never goes astray – thank you Jennifer for reminding why it’s so important to out yourself first with the little things, helping you to face the day better ahead.

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