Which Instagram Influencer’s Products Are Worth Buying?

Christie Swadling

In a market saturated by social media influencers who seem to be coming out with new products every week, it’s hard to know what to buy and what to steer clear of.

Especially if you are a penny-pinching uni student, you don’t want to waste your hard earned money on something that is poor quality or bad value for money.  To save you (and your wallet) we have compiled a list of 5 Influencer Products that we have purchased, recommended and would buy again.

Christie Swadling Presets

Christie Swadling
Take your Instagram feed to a whole new level with these presets

Influencer: Christie Swadling

Instagram Followers: 109k

Product: Lightroom Presets

Cost: $59.99-79.99

With over 102k followers on Instagram and 132k subscribers on YouTube, Christie Swadling knows a thing or two about turning social media into a career. In a recent interview with Bondi Beauty, Christie highlighted the importance of creating high quality and aesthetic imagery online.

If you follow Christie on Instagram then you would know her photos are always beautifully edited and enjoyable to look at. This is because she uses Lightroom Presets to edit her photos. Presets are Adobe Lightroom’s way of saving a set of photo edits so that you can use them again for other photos. In other words, it’s like creating your own photo filters. Christie has created a series of Preset packs which range from $39.99 for 6 presets to 79.99 for 23 presets.

If you are interested in photography, a career in social media or just want to create aesthetic memories of a night out with the girls then this product is a great investment.

You don’t need a computer to download these presets and the mobile presets work for any phone (Iphone/Samsung etc).

Rochelle Fox’s Mindspo Meditation Course

Rochelle Fox
Clear your head with a Mindspo Meditation

Influencer: Rochelle Fox

Instagram Followers: 142k

Product: Mindspo Meditation Course

Cost: $305.42

Co-created by Aussies, Rochelle Fox and Chris Soll, this course is designed to teach you the power of mindfulness and a life changing method of meditation.

Whether you struggle with anxiety, fall victim to your thoughts, or struggle to stay present, studies show that meditation is a valuable asset for improving mental health.

Unlike many guided meditation products and apps, this course is not a subscription service that gives you tools whilst draining your wallet. Instead this course asks for a one-time payment of $305.42 AUD (or 4x monthly payments of $91.47 AUD) and then it is yours to keep forever.

Rochelle Fox is a certified Meditation and Yoga Teacher with nearly 10 years of experience. Drawing from her history overcoming PTSD, anxiety and chronic panic attacks, Rochelle is passionate about the power of meditation to transforms mindsets and lives.

The course is designed to be simple and accessible. Instead of overcomplicating things, the content is brought to you in an easy 1.5-hour video course, where Rochelle teaches you the 3 Part Mindspo Meditation Method. This then allows you to practice meditation anytime, anywhere without relying on internet access for guided meditations. The course then provides a 66 Day Meditation challenge to help you instill meditation as a habit.

Meghan Reink’s Book, ‘You’re Not Special’

You're not special
Check out this book for raw and real advice

Influencer: Meghan Reinks

Instagram Followers: 1M

Product: You’re Not Special

Cost: $39.99

American actress and social media influencer, Meghan Reinks is the author of this hilarious and relatable memoir. In this book, Meghan recounts her experiences of toxic friendships, teen drinking and mental health, in the hopes it inspires her readers to know they’re not alone.

In a compilation of memoirs and #realtalk advice, Meghan says  that the book is designed to highlight that, “despite what you’ve been told, your problems are not unique, your struggles have taken form in everybody else’s life too, and somebody else has felt the way you feel right at this very moment. You’re not special. But you’re also not alone on the bumpy road to adulthood.”

In this way, we found this book both hilarious, poignant and highly comforting. Personally, we purchased the book in the form of an audio book through iTunes as it was narrated by Meghan herself, however you can also purchase the book from Dymocks for $39.99.  

Georgie Stevenson’s Pre-Workout

Georgie Stevenson
For ultimate energy hit, try the Naked Harvest natural pre-workout.

Influencer: Georgie Stevenson

Instagram Followers: 376k

Product: Naked Harvest Pre-Workout

Cost: $49.99

Alongside crushing her own personal brand and social media business, Georgie Stevenson is the co-founder of Naked Harvest Supplements, a natural fitness supplement company. Since their launch in 2018, the company has released pre-workout, protein powders and fitness accessories such as drink bottles and reusable straws.

We have tried a couple of the products from their brand, but my favourite is definitely the Naked Harvest’s Natural Pre-Workout (RRP$48.99).

My favourite flavour is the Tropical Iced Tea flavour because it is super refreshing and isn’t overly sweet. This pre-workout contains several hero ingredients, including creatine (and magnesium) and is designed with the woman’s body in mind. Check it out… no hidden nasties & full of uniquely formulated ingredients to enhance your performance, naturally.

What’s more, the drink provides you with energy before your workout, but doesn’t leave you with a big energy crash afterwards and is created with an effective fat burning component. If you do regular high intensity exercise, this also a great supplement to replenish your creatine stores.

Chloe Szep’s Bloom

Chloe Szep
For an easy and effective mindfulness tool check out the Bloom app

Influencer: Chloe Szepanowski

Instagram Followers: 595k

Product: Bloom App

Cost: $86.99

The App ‘Bloom’ is a wellness app co-founded by Australian Influencers Chloe Szepanowski (21) and Molly Jane (32).

The app contains meditations, breathwork, kundalini yoga, mindful activities such as colouring in and relaxing music. In this way, the app is much more than just a meditation app. The app can be purchased through a yearly subscription for $86.99, however, there are monthly and quarterly subscriptions available too.

What we love about this app is that the meditations are short and sweet, ranging from something as short as two minutes all the way to 21 minutes so you can customise your mindful experience and can’t use the “too busy” excuse. The guided and visual meditations also remove the barrier of “I don’t know what to do” because you are always directed by either a meditation teacher or Chloe and Molly.

This product is amazing value for money, with its multitude of resources and teachers, catering to various preferences – so there’s something for everyone.

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