I took a chance with this eyelash serum – and boy, was it worth it

Comparison photo of before eyelash serum and after

The eyelash serum that’ll see you emerge with your longest lashes, ever.

It seems there are a million companies that promise an eyelash serum that’ll have you emerge with your longest lashes, ever.

I have always been a very hairless person, which is both a blessing and a curse. I never grew armpit hair and the hair on my legs is thin enough not to shave it at all. But it also means that I’m destined for wimpy lashes and sparse brows.

I first learned about EyEnvy a few years ago from a friend who had been using it. 

There was just one day where suddenly I noticed her lashes sprawling and sweeping in every direction from her lids. They were long, thick and absolutely glorious.

For so long, I exclusively and painfully had a full set of lash extensions applied every 4 weeks. Lash extensions seem like an easy band-aid fix to having no lashes but they can be much more trouble than they appear to be.

I got frustrated with the process of having beautiful extensions for 10 days and then watching the certain decline of the wear-and-tear. As the glue deteriorates the lashes drop one-by-one, sometimes pulling real lashes with them, and the ones strong enough to stay go wonky and sit at awkward angles.

Images of lash extensions before and after a few weeks
You can see the damaging effects of eye lash extensions here.

Extensions are not a beauty routine – they are a lifestyle. On top of rigorously cleaning them each night, I even changed the way I slept to keep them straight. I would sleep on my back vampire-like all night to avoid crushing the extensions during my sleep.

So you can see why I was so intrigued by this fantastical product, right? Having suffered from little-to-no lashes my whole life I immediately looked into it.

Upon researching, it dawned on me that this was no overnight hat-trick, it was going to take at least 2-3months to see results. For someone conditioned for extensions and eyeliner, this was definitely a deterring factor.

Surprisingly, going au naturale during the growth time was easier than I thought. Although I was so acclimatised to seeing my face with lash extensions, I was ready to put that behind me and take the minimalistic approach to beauty and embrace my natural face.

For me, eyelash extensions provided a powerful impact, they dominated my face quite a bit by giving me the cat eye look that I strive for. I felt sexy and empowered when I had a fresh set of extensions on and I wanted to feel that without them too.

I was still able to achieve my cat eye look by wearing eyeliner throughout my trial of EyEnvy. Technically, it is possible to use EyEnvy when wearing extensions but it would be like taking two steps forward and three steps back because the extensions can pull natural lashes with them when they fall out.

EyEnvy is applied every morning before your skincare and makeup – I put my face serums/moisturisers and EyEnvy on then wait 20 minutes for them to sink in and continue with my makeup routine.

Think of it like putting on eyeliner – it’s clear so you can’t see it, but you want to apply the product at the roots of your lashes along the lash line.

EyEnvy has a combination of active ingredients to increase the length of your lashes, which will also make them appear fuller.

How it works: it tricks your lashes into thinking it’s in its growth phase for longer than your body normally would allow it to.

I was apprehensive when starting out, but after about 6-8 weeks, I could see my outer corner lashes really starting to flutter out.

Journey photo of before during and after using the eyelash serum
The eyelash serum that’ll have you emerge with your longest lashes, ever.

There is roughly 3 months between the first and last image and as you can see there is a noticeable difference between them. I used EyEnvy religiously once a day and the commitment paid off so trust the process.

One thing to note is that this product is built to initiate insane hair growth so be careful where you put it. I exclusively applied it to my lash line and still experienced increased hair growth around the general eye area. This meant brow growth with more stray hairs needing to be plucked and it even included very minor growth on the facial hairs on the top of my cheeks.

Of course, these are easily removed and are definitely worth the results that EyEnvy yields. I can’t recommend this product enough, more so for those with thin and sparse hair.

Photo of EyEnvy eyelash serum product

EyEnvy is sold exclusively through salons and spas so you’ll need to locate one that stocks it – the price usually varies between $100-$120. It may seem a lot right now, but it’s very reasonable given how much we spend on extensions, tints and lifts. The product goes the distance and will cover you for 3-4 months.

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