How to Spring Clean your Makeup Routine

How to Spring Clean your Makeup Routine - products on basin sink

Spring is the time to reassess the clutter in your life. It’s also a great time to spring clean your makeup routine.

As the season slowly changes, there’s an enigmatic feeling in the air – a mutual understanding as days get brighter, the sun gets warmer, flowers are in bloom and people in general are happier. Spring has truly sprung and it’s time to spring clean.

This time of the year is a time of profound change. Whilst there are changes in the temperature and our lifestyles, there should also be changes in our skincare and makeup routine.

As heavy winter moisturisers are substituted with SPF 50, our makeup stash should also be refined and pulled back to match the season.

After spending so much time inside from winter, most of us are now conditioned to the au naturale look, or rather the minimalistic look. This also includes our beauty routines as well. 

Pick up your tools and get cleaning.

It’s important to take some time and decide which parts of our winter routines we want to keep and which parts of our spring looks we want to bring back.

Updating your Skincare Routine:

Spring and summer are a time to let the ocean and sun take care of your skin, so forget the 10 step morning routine and bring it back to the basics.

Think about how your skin type changes throughout the year and what products will bring value to your current complexion. Start with a cleanser and a moisturising SPF and then slowly reintroduce products that suit your skin type at that moment.

With more time spent in the sun and in salt water, our skin can become more sensitive so make sure to be gentle and receptive to changes in skin texture. When it comes to your moisturisers and serums, lots of light layers work better than anything too thick, especially going into spring.

Changing your Look for the Seasons:

It’s probably been a long time since we’ve dolled ourselves up to 100% capacity – I’m talking primer, fake lashes, highlighter and setting spray. The 1.5 hour makeup application process before going out on a Saturday night now seems a little excessive and superfluous.

It seems daunting to go back to thick layers of creams and powders when we’ve become acclimated to letting our bare faces run wild.

WOman with natural makeup spring

Don’t be afraid to switch over to lighter BB creams and strive for a ‘no makeup makeup’ look.

Skinimalism seems to be the overarching trend people are leaning towards over the last year so don’t hesitate to continue that outside the home if you’re enjoying your bare face.

Cleaning your Makeup Bag:

There’s no time like the present, particularly in spring, to clean out any facet of your life. Makeup draws and makeup bags should be emptied and reassessed. If you’re cleaning out a makeup bag, it’s critical to clean the bag itself and refresh the interior.

Stain remover from zero co for spring clean

For fabric make-up bags, using a planet-friendly and single-use plastic free laundry liquid or stain remover will do a stellar job in ensuring a clean and fresh make-over for a much loved makeup bag or brush pouch.

Zero products use plant-based formulas, are vegan & cruelty free, palm oil free and grey water safe, so they’re good for your skin and the planet too.

Cleaning your Collection:

Beauty tools like brushes and sponges can be particularly dangerous magnets for bacteria, so if you haven’t cleaned them all year, then now is your time. Theoretically, we should be washing our brushes after every use as it’s something we place directly on the skin of our face. Built up dirt and bacteria on brushes can cause skin irritation and breakouts.

Makeup brushes in pile

You don’t need any fancy brush cleaners to get the job done – a gentle shampoo and warm water will do the trick.

Also use this time to audit your makeup collection and cull some items. Expired products, dried out mascaras, and foundations that are two shades too dark or light should be exiled from your collection.

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