The Best Lip Shades Road Tested For Summer (It’s All About Colour)

A woman wearing red lipstick, a bikini and wide brimmed hat

These glosses are among the best lip shades for 2021.

Forget opaques and nudes, think reds, corals and pinks. Adorn your lips with matte, gloss and shimmer while sipping sparkling water by the beach.

Embrace nourishing, environmentally friendly and paraben free. Bright lips will be in, in 2021. I will be recommending products that I think are a must to create your summer look.

Nu Colour Power Lips Polish Duo Lip Shine (RRP $40)

Nu Colour Power Lips Polish is a duo pack, featuring a colour and a gloss.

I tried two colours from the range. Passionista is a richly pigmented reddish pink while Gloss Boss is a sleek hot pink with cool undertones.

lip shades
Nu Colour Power Lips Polish packs a punch with lip colour and lip gloss components.

Serious staying power takes these lip colours from day to night. Smudge proof, Nu Colour Power Lips Polish will not budge for up to 12 hours.

How to use it: Use the doe-foot applicator to apply the colour to clean, bare lips. Wait one minute to dry. The product dries matte, remaining slightly tacky. Brush your lips with the gloss top-coat and re-apply as needed.

lip shades.
Nu Colour Power Lips is a duo, containing both the colour and gloss elements in one neat package.

Ingredients: These products are formulated with a Tea Rose Complex, containing ingredients that work together to keep your lips smooth and hydrated.

Nu Colour Power Lips leaves a featherweight finish so comfortable you’ll forget you’re even wearing it. Unstoppable colour and high-impact shine, create a juicy and luscious look.

Burts Bees Lip Shimmer (RRP $9.95)

Burts Bees Peony lip shimmer is 100% natural with all ingredients responsibly sourced to create a sustainably made product with a subtle hint of colour and shimmer which SCREAMS summer.

How to use it:  This lip shimmer looks great on its own or paired with your favourite lipstick.

Ingredients: Enriched with shea butter, beeswax and antioxidant rich fruit oils to moisturise, nourish and soften lips naturally.

Burts bees lip shimmer lip shades.
Shop ‘earth friendly’ with Burts Bees.

A few seconds after application a tingly and refreshing sensation caused by a hint of peppermint oil in the formulation leaves your lips feeling renewed.

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick (RRP $37.95)

Lit Turmeric is a muted, medium peachy-orange shade with warm undertones and a satin finish. Hydrating, Amuse Bouche Lipstick is also suitable for long wear.

The buttery formulation of Bite Beauty’s Lit Turmeric lipstick effortlessly glides onto the lips.

How to use it: A single application of product is all that is needed to make your tones really pop.

Lip shades.
Bite Beauty’s spice range of lip colours.

Ingredients: Bite Beauty is entirely vegan and cruelty free, using antioxidant-rich organic ingredients.

Using naturally derived scents combined with less than 1% synthetic fragrance, think of it as guilt-free indulgence.

Bite Beauty has a new range of colourful lip shades. Close up of a lip stick. Lit Turmeric.
Lit Turmeric has a creamy and moisturising formulation.

Inspired by Moroccan, Spanish and Turkish bazaars, Lit Turmeric is part of Bite Beauty’s spice range of lip colours. The compact tube has a velvety-satin feel, mirroring that of the product

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