When and When Not To Use Organic and Natural Beauty Products



It’s entirely possible you have been using your organic and natural based beauty products the wrong way and at the wrong time.

It’s no secret, when you use organic and natural based beauty products, they often go hard in the winter months, melt in the summer months or don’t give you the staying power other mainstream brands deliver on.

And, where many organic and natural beauty brands have certainly improved on their formulas, when it comes to the staying power of lipstick colour and foundations. More often then not, we still find ourselves reaching for our old reliable brands.

So, when is the right time to use organic and natural based beauty products and how?

Founder of natural and organic lipstick brand LUK Beautifood Lipsticks and Food Scientist Cindy Luken says: “organic and natural lipsticks; or any beauty product for that matter, are designed for daily use. With the average women eating approximately 4-7 pounds of lipstick annually, it’s best to use organic and natural ingredient-based lipsticks for your everyday use.

And for special moments; like hot dates or weddings, you can reach for your luxe lipstick with the knowledge that you took a nice long break from wearing it all week.” She says.

Her four hot tips for when NOT to use organic and natural beauty products:

  1. Don’t take them to the beach

Don’t take organic and natural lipsticks or lip balms to the beach, they are sure to melt.

Pack a tinted lip gloss instead. The formulation of lip gloss is lot hardier in high temperatures and less likely to melt all through your bag.

  1. Don’t leave them inside the car

Organic and natural beauty products are less-hardier than your mainstream product, so leaving them in your car can make them go off faster; as they are chemical and preservative free and in hot weather will either melt in the car or spoil.

  1. Don’t take them travelling

Don’t pack organic or natural based beauty products when you travel.

Organic stick deodorants will melt all through your toiletries in checked baggage and natural lipsticks have been known to leak through your handbag when in-flight. If you’re travelling longer than a month, many organic and natural beauty products can go off quicker when they are taken on a plane (both in checked baggage and carry on) due to the increased cabin pressure.

  1. Regularly apply sunscreen

When using organic or natural sunscreens, you must re-apply at least every hour when swimming. Although organic and natural-based sunscreens are okay for travelling and taking to the beach, they are designed to better absorb into the skin naturally, allowing the skin to breath whilst still being protected. Non-organic or non-natural sunscreens are designed to create a barrier on your skin; which then blocks the pores from breathing. And where they do last longer on the skin (a few hours) before wearing off, natural sunscreens don’t. So, do re-apply at least every hour to make sure you’re protected.

  1. Don’t wear natural at special events or for special occasions

Organic and natural based makeup products are quiet absorbent, due to their natural food, plant and botanical-based formulas, which is why they are great for every day use. However, they don’t have the staying power many other regular brands have, especially if you have very oily prone skin. It will wear off. Do reach for the luxe brand for special occasions, so you’re not spending too much time re-applying when you should be having fun.

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