Skinimalism – Why Using Less Products Might Actually Be Better For Your Skin

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Skinimalism is a buzz-word floating around, which means by using less skincare products you may have better skin (and save money).

The past year was an interesting one for beauty. We swapped lipsticks for chap stick, luxury hand cream for sanitisers and along the way, we also handled maskne with products that helped to heal and soothe our skin.

And while 2020 taught us a lot about the world, there was a silver lining to it all – since everyday makeup was off the cards for many, our skin got time to breathe. But there is some more work to do to ensure our skincare routine works for our skin, and in 2021 finding this routine is all the rage.

The core concept of skinimalism is the encouragement to reduce the excess in their skincare by removing over-the-top routines and focusing on the things that really matter.

This established trend has found its way into travel, handbags, houses, wardrobes, lifestyles and now skincare routines.

And according to the new Pinterest Predicts report, beauty experts are predicting ‘skinimalism’ to be on the rise in 2021. Encouraging us to move away from complicated skincare routines and move back to basics when treating our skin, the trend reminds us to consider natural products.

With this in mind, skincare brand Palmer’s has put a spotlight on what Aussies are looking for in 2021. A new survey has revealed that 8 in 10 (81%) Aussie women agree their life would be made easier if they could find a formula that works for their needs. However, many are still on the hunt for their formula with over half (55%) of consumers always trying new skincare products because they haven’t found one that works for them.

This got us thinking. Why haven’t Aussies found products that work for them? And we think we may have found the answer.

The survey highlighted that 72% of Aussies don’t understand the formula of ingredients in the skincare products they purchase. And while 92% of women agree that it’s what the product ingredients can do for their skin that matters most, 2 in 5 (43%) have ended up purchasing a product simply because they liked the way it looked.

It’s clear we need a rundown on the top ingredients to look for in skincare products to truly understand what will work for our skin and streamline our routine. Because after all, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.  

Here are Palmer’s top natural ingredient suggestions to look out for.

Vitamin E

An antioxidant superhero, Vitamin E is your skin’s best friend when soothing scars and protecting the skin from damaging free radicals*. Enhancing the protective function of the skin and decreasing the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and scars by keeping cells hydrated, look out for Vitamin E when purchasing creams and moisturisers. Additionally, if you’re looking for hair care products, keep Vitamin E on your radar. Helping hair’s natural ability to repair damage, Vitamin E is an essential ingredient in the process of strengthening the follicle which helps hair grow long and healthy.

Coconut Oil

When scouting for hair care products, you can’t go past coconut oil. Containing more than just meets the eye, it is loaded with natural components such as Lauric Acid, Caprylic Acid, Capric Acid, Proteins, Antioxidants and Vitamin E that are crucial for healthy skin and hair. These components, along with containing a high level of medium chain fatty acids mean that coconut oil can help to lock in moisture and prevent skin dehydration and promote stronger, healthy-looking hair.

Cocoa Butter

Coined as nature’s super ingredient, cocoa butter has superior healing properties and the ability to help skin retain moisture. When looking for anti-ageing products, make sure to look out for cocoa butter. High in antioxidants, this natural ingredient helps to fight off free-radical damage, which can cause skin aging, dark patches, and dull skin. Cocoa butter is also anti-inflammatory – another way it helps your skin withstand the passage of time.

There are many individuals who have an extensive skincare routine that involves six or more steps morning and night including 2 cleansers, 3 face oils, a toner and multiple hydrators.

What many don’t realise, is that the quality of a skincare routine depends on the ingredients in the products being used, as opposed to the number of products used.

This is where skinimalism comes in, as it’s all about redefining the way we view skin care by foregoing complicated makeup routines and embracing natural beauty. This means a new wave of natural, minimal or no-makeup beauty looks where real skin – texture, pores, blemishes, discolouration, and all – shines through.

The minimalist approach to skincare.

Photo editing software is accessible to everyone and unfortunately prevalent amongst Instagram influencers and therefore, all their followers.

Young women are holding themselves to impossible beauty standards that are manifested and re-enforced all over Instagram. This leads to excessive photo retouching and a heavier makeup and skincare routine.

According to Pinterest’s report, searches for how to get glowing skin naturally have gone up 4x in the last year and “natural everyday makeup” has increased by 180% in the last year.

In the 2021 Trend Predictions Report, skinimalism is predicted to be a major trend in 2021 and deemed as the new ‘glow up’ showing that people want to move away from these unrealistic beauty standards.

It encourages women to welcome their natural skin texture and enhance their God-given features instead of completely altering their face shape and texture.

This new ‘effortlessly chic’ routine is simple and sustainable.

Celebrity dermatologist Dr Jamuna Pai says, “Skin’s basic function is to act as a protective barrier. Loading it with too many products or using them in excess, may disrupt the barrier.”

One way to reduce the number of products on the skin is to invest in hybrid products. For instance a sunscreen with an in-built moisturizer, a night repair agent with hydration and so on.

On top of ensuring that the skin is not overloaded, it also saves time and money.

Skinimalism has three core areas as follows.


Combine cleansing and exfoliation steps by investing in a cleanser that contains AHAs or BHAs. This way, impurities and dead skin cells are eradicated in one hit.

sand and sky exfoliator

Sand & Sky Australian Pink Clay Flash Perfection Exfoliating Treatment RRP $59.90

This is a triple-action exfoliant + flash treatment designed to resurface and mattify your skin for a clearer complexion, which is both blemish free and smoother in appearance.

Palmer’s Ultra Gentle Facial Cleansing Oil RRP $15.99

This new cleansing oil by
Palmer’s uses a combination of 8 natural oils. It emulsifies into a soft, gentle lather on contact with water and then rinses off completely. It works to maintain the skins natural moisture balance whilst gently lifting away impurities and removing all traces of makeup.


Identify the problem areas on your face and buy products tapered towards these goals instead of dropping hundreds on countless products.

Benzac Acne 2.5%: RRP $24.95 at pharmacies. This product is tapered towards healing acne breakouts

This medication is used to treat mild to moderate acne. It may be used in combination with other acne treatments. It reduces the amount of acne-causing bacteria and by causing the skin to dry and peel.

Thin Lizzy Puffy Eye Remover Microcream: RRP $99.99

Perfect for those battling puff eyes. Skin regains a boost of nutrients, hydration, and antioxidant protection, providing your delicate eye area with a beautiful smooth appearance and a wonderful active defence against free radical damage. 


Skin must be protected from harmful UV rays. Go for an ultra-nourishing moisturiser with SPF 30.

Invisible Zinc Sheer Defence Tinted Moisturiser SPF 50: RRP $15.99 at pharmacies

This product not only protects you from the sun, it also nourishes your skin and provides light coverage. Use daily to nourish, protect and help prevent the appearance of premature ageing of the skin cause by UV exposure.

E.S.K Hydroxy Overnight Mask RRP $50

This is a Salicylic Acid-based exfoliating and hydrating leave-on night mask, for acne-prone, oily, sun-damaged or sensitive skin. With soothing Aloe Vera, it helps to remove keratin and old skin cells while you sleep, ensuring new skin can thrive. As well as a mask, it can also be used as a spot treatment for breakouts or dry and chapped skin.

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