The best health retreat for you

amatara-outdoor-luxury-bathThe most fundamental changes happen on the inside, and a detox retreat is the best way to kick off the new year.

There are so many health retreats to choose from around the world, find the best health retreat for you.

These wellness and health retreats across the globe offer a variety of extensive programs. Whether you want to juice your way into a fresher lifestyle, or transform your overall diet, there is a detox holiday for you here:

Amatara yoga pavilion in Thailand is a stunning health retreat.

Thailand: Amatara Detox
Start your detox journey on a luxury wellness holiday in the island of Phuket with Amatara Wellness Resort. Amatara specialises in longevity so you’ll be sure to revitalise from the indulgences of the previous year with a menu of rejuvenating juice cleanses, healthy food choices and spa treatments. Combine your detox at this health retreat with soothing private yoga classes and lymphatic drainage massages to ensure that you return home feeling healthier and happier.

Fusion Maia Pool in Vietnam is an exceptional health retreat.

Vietnam: Fusion Maia
A relaxing wellness retreat situated upon the scenic coastline of central Vietnam, Fusion Maia, promotes an overall-wellness approach for all of its guests. With the choice of comprehensive detox options including alkaline diet, raw food detox or juice cleansing detox, you’re bound to experience different approaches to healthy living. Guests also receive complimentary access to all group classes, from yoga to Tai Chi, so you’ll never be short of something to do. Whatever detox journey you choose, you’ll always be seconds away from sand under your feet and cool ocean breezes.

Yoga at Mesastila

Java: MesaStila Detox
Deep in the heart of central Java, surrounded by volcanoes, rice fields and endemic wildlife, MesaStila is a health retreat that provides guests with a genuine back to nature wellness retreat with all the benefits of a luxury lifestyle. Participants on the detox program undergo a thoughtfully crafted detox plan and have massages each day of their stay. This is then combined with scrubs, wraps, steam baths and offerings from the daily activities to leave one feeling relaxed and invigorated from the inside out.

Swaswara Cooking Class

India: SwaSwara Detox
Secluded amongst coconut trees and a short walk from Om Beach, SwaSwara health retreat offers guests a calm environment for a detox holiday. Discover the benefit of naturopathy and Ayurveda with an emphasis on juice cleansing to enable you to catalyze a healthier lifestyle. Follow a personalised vegetarian diet and feel refreshed with regular herbal teas to further cleanse your body. This detox program is amplified by yoga practice, meditation sessions and a day of silence. Guests also have the opportunity to explore the culturally fascinating area, and go on a complimentary boat expedition.

Turkey: Sianji Master Detox

Embark on a master detox retreat that offers the stunning backdrop of the Aegean Sea at Sianji Well-being Resort. Begin the cleansing process with a full body analysis and consultation with a detox specialist, before enjoying the nourishing effects of detoxifying juices, soups and food options. Further purge the body of excessive toxins with Thalasso treatments and daily ‘Angel of Water’ colon cleansing treatments. Complement the replenishing process with group classes, from Pilates, Tai Chi to aqua gym and combat fitness.

Ti Sana in Italy

Italy: Ti Sana Liver Detox
A specialist detox retreat at Ti Sana in Italy is all you need if you’ve been treating your body well through excessive drinking and bad eating habits. From day one raw food and various modern medical practices are used to rebuild strength in the liver. Aside from cleansing juices, detox with a range of treatments, including Deep Tissue massages, Draining facial massages and colonics. Innovative treatments such as Regmatex are also used to leave guests feeling thoroughly cleansed and ready to start living a healthier life style.

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