How One Sydney Athlete Ditched High-Octane Fitness for a More Mindful Practice

edwina griffith

Award-winning Sydney Athlete Edwina Griffin has ditched hurdle jumping for the mindful practice of meditative yoga and is now teaching stressed out clients across Australia how to ignite their spiritual awakening.

Her interest in the mind and the body started from an early age, when at the age of sixteen, Griffin suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome where she was sleeping around twenty-two hours a day.

Learning meditative, restorative and stress-management techniques with yoga, Griffin experiences the benefits of her practices and techniques, recovering from her chronic fatigue to go on and qualify for the World Junior Athletes Squad.

Her Kundalini awakening in 20015 resulted in further studying of the mind and soul, with hypnotherapy, metaphysics, shamanic practice, sound healing and meditation; all of which now facilitate her work today, as a healer of sorts.

Kundalini in Hinduism is where a form of divine energy, said to be located at the base of the spine, is released from the body for the ultimate in spiritual awakening.

Edwina Griffin on an early morning jog through the Snowy Mountains.

Running her own fitness centres like that of Fitwomen, where Griffin worked eighteen years with a variety of experts in the field of body and mind, taught her a lot about the strong connection the mind has with the body and how you can help recover and deal with sickness and stress, all through the art of yoga and meditation.

Griffin is now the founder of Your Energy Evolution, a dedicated health retreat program designed to help clients learn how to ignite their spiritual awakening with mindfulness, meditation and stress management.

Her programs provide simple and cost-effective ways to transform the body, mind and energy. And, with more than twenty years-experience working in the health and human performance industry, Griffin has a key understanding of how the mind and body work together.

She has a degree in Social Sciences, with qualifications as a Corrective and Exercise Kinesiologist, Lifestyle Coach, Personal Trainer, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Energetic Healer, Advanced Shamanic Practitioner, Sound Healing Practitioner, Meditation Facilitator, nationally accredited mediator and is currently studying her Masters in Negotiation.

As an internationally recognised speaker, mentor and healer, Griffin has coached thousands of clients in achieving their personal goals and is passionate about giving back to the community through her involvement in a number of charity and business-related organisations.

She has also received numerous accolades and awards, and has featured as the host and expert advisor on many television programs, talkback radio, magazine and newspaper articles and online mind-body programs. Eddie won the NSW Exercise Professional of the Year in 2010 in the prestigious Australian Health and Fitness Industry Awards and has won several business awards.

From 1st to the 3rd November 2019 Griffin will be taking sixteen participants to a thousand-acre property in the beautiful Snowy Mountains of New South Wales, near Jindabyne, to the top of Barney’s Range, for one of her trademark three-day healing retreats.

As well as being the perfect setting to re-connect with mind, body and soul participants will combine healthy eating, exercise, meditation and ceremony with three days of healing, health and connection.

“The point of the weekend is that people will go away with practical tools. I use a variety of different methods to give women the tools they need to make empowered choices and manage stress to create balance in daily life.

I want them to feel like they’ve had a really nice, nurturing weekend in a beautiful location with beautiful, nutritious food.”

As a qualified shamanic healer, Edwina; who grew up in Bronte and lives in Clovelly, mentions how she still finds it surprising it’s the spiritual practices most people are interested in, more than anything else. Which explains why her retreats are so successful.

“I’m blown away by the interest. Ten years ago, no one wanted to know about this stuff, but now it’s all they’re asking for. I think people are waking up, and consciousness has shifted.  

People are more aware of the fact you can go to the gym and lose all the weight, but your happiness comes from the soul. And if you’re not happy inside, it takes work with mindset, meditation and body work to release past traumas and emotions held in the body.”

Edwina runs healing retreats all year around at different times of the years and at different location. From Sydney, the Snowy Mountains and the Sunshine Coast, mindfulness, meditation and stress management courses for corporates, groups and individuals, personal development sessions, Fitmum programs, sound healing sessions and is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Shamanic practice is her thing and she wants to share that with everyone.

For more information on how you can book yourself in for her next retreat, click here.

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