A cream to dissolve fat? Scientists are saying maybe.

Scientists researching baldness have stumbled on a protein that could reduce fat production.

Opened plastic container with cream on a white background.
A scientifically researched cream could reduce fat after groundbreaking research has discovered a new protein.

In research looking at hair growth, it has been discovered that the fat tissue under the hair follicles is activated by the same protein that triggers hair growth. This discovery could lead to the invention of fat dissolving creams.

The groundbreaking research is based on the finding that the cycle and difference of hair growth impacted on the thickness of the fat layer under the skin around these areas – this ultimately means that the chemicals released by hair follicles can control fat production, making fat contract or expand.

The study was led by Professor Fiona Watt at King’s college London and in partnership with Professor of Dermatology Rodney Sinclair from the University of Melbourne and Epworth Hospital, amongst others and is published in the scientific journal PNAS.

The findings could be an alternate option to fat reduction by liposuction as well as a way to replace fat loss in scar tissue.

The chemicals discovered that regulate fat production are also able to be synthetically created and placed in creams. These creams could be used to target specific areas and reduce fat growth beneath the skin by ‘pausing’ the process that contributes to fat cell growth.

This discovery could assist and lead to future treatments in obesity, as well as male and female baldness and more serious cases of Alopecia Areata, a condition that causes people’s hair to fall out.
However, we are warned that the invention of the cream could take up to 10 years – so ladies, keep your fingers crossed.

By BB Intern Dominique Tait

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