An Amazing New Acne Treatment Breakthrough

If you, or anyone you know suffers from Acne, you need to read about this amazing new acne treatment breakthrough called Kleresca.

Acne is one of the most common skin diseases around the world and affects up to 85% of Australians aged between 15 to 24

Even after skin has improved, the physical and emotional scarring of acne can be difficult to recover from, especially if symptoms persist into adulthood.

Up until now, the most common ways of treating acne were through the heavy use of antibiotics or heavily medicated ointments and creams. Many of which either just didn’t work, caused irritation or even caused serious side effects.

But now, there is a new way to treat acne.

Now available in Australia, Kleresca is a gel based liquid that doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals or antibiotics, but uses a BioPhotonic technology that treats the root problem of acne, and in 9 to 10 people even stops it from ever returning.

BioPhotonics is a new form of skincare treatment that uses a unique light conversion system, designed to stimulate skin cells on a cellular level to start repairing themselves and improve overall skin health and complexion.

This type of treatment is different to other treatments, as it uses multi-LED lights combined with the photoconverter gel formula of Kleresca, which allows the spectrum of light to penetrate deep into the dermis of the skin cells to kill bacteria that causes acne.

Once the bacteria has been destroyed, the gel can help the skin activate its own repair cells, which stimulates collagen. Collagen is important as it repairs scarring and balances out the natural oils of the skin.

Clinical trials have shown 92% of patients who underwent the treatment program of Kleresca, successfully retained results of the treatment for at least 6 months or more after the treatments were completed.

Undergoing a Kleresca treatment is pretty simple too, and very similar to a facial.

The total treatment only takes 25-30 minutes, which included your prep time at the beginning and at the end of a treatment. You lie on a bed and have  gel applied to all areas of your face, then relax for approx 9 minutes under the multi-LED lights and let the gel particles do their job.

In total, you need 12 treatments for the gel to work properly. This is normally conducted with 2 treatments a week for 6 weeks.

As the deep layers of the skin respond to the treatment, improvement to the skin can be seen after only a few treatments, and continues to work deep in the skin cells even after the full 12 treatments have ended.

For more information on Kleresca or to find a practitioner near you, head to the Kleresca website at:


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