Sexy swimwear that protects and looks hot

We’ve found this sexy swimwear brand that protects and looks hot in Bondi this summer.

Wet Leopard swimwear protects and looks amazing in the surf.

Wet Leopard is a hot Australian swimwear brand that embodies the ethos of sun safety, without compromising style.

Summer has well and truly arrived in Bondi, and here’s a swimsuit brand that lets you spend days at the beach without getting burnt.

Wet Leopard designer Ally Delaney grew up surfing and constantly by the water, she has since designed and launched a brand of long sleeve swimsuit tops as an alternative to wet suits in the warmer months.  With a UPF 50+ to protect skin from sun the longer styles also prevent irritation caused by surf or paddle boards, whilst maintaining a sexy cut and style.

Ally Delaney spoke to Bondi Beauty to reflect on her young days in the sun and embodying today’s young woman.

“When I was younger we often stayed at the beach for hours on end. Flat on the sand and oiled in the heat of the sun, we moved our towels like sundials. Crazy, I know.  We underestimated the damage we were doing to our skin. Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world and we all know someone who has been affected by it.

“Girls there days are different. They are more aware of their changing world and the effects of climate change. They are passionate about conserving the natural environment and preserving themselves – and that is why we created a swimwear line to embody the next-generation girl.

“Wet Leopard is not just a swimsuit, it is a symbol of change. It is a shift in consciousness.”

Lucy Bortolazzo

Lucy is a journalism graduate who feels most at home when wandering the streets of foreign cities. She has a passion for design, travel and everything food, and uses the excuse “I’m curious” to explain just about everything.

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