Finding your natural balance is the key to overall health

A new book  The Well Path written by Dr Jamé Heskett, offers a holistic approach to weight loss, ageing, overall health and happiness for women.

The Well Path outlines 6 key components for finding your natural balance

The book uncovers the vital need to bring the body back to its natural balanced state, called homeostasis. Once this balance is achieved, the body can stop holding onto excess fat, ageing prematurely and generating excessive inflammation.

Focusing on a real, integrative, whole-body solution that supports and empowers women, Dr Heskett outlines 6 simple areas of CHANGE for readers to be the healthiest, most vital versions of themselves.


Maintaining a vigorous blood flow through the body is crucial to homeostasis. Improving the vascular system allows cells to thrive, getting rid of stored fat and toxins.

How to: increase exercise and stretching, optimize daily water intake, reduce caffeine and alcohol consumption, and consume a balanced diet


“True” hunger is a survival instinct and “false” hunger is caused by feelings like boredom, sadness and anxiety. Learning to identify true and false hunger is critical for avoiding overeating.

How to: try to be more mindful of the symptoms for true hunger (sensations around esophagus/throat area, grumbling stomach, lightheadedness, irritability etc.)


Being inactive takes the body out of homeostasis. Regular movement is essential and non-exercise activity is directly related to metabolic rate, fat burning ability and circulation.

How to: simple inclusions of daily activity such as walking not driving, taking stairs not lift, stretching whilst watching TV, cleaning, switching between sitting and standing at work, calf raises/squat whilst cooking etc.


A diverse array of nutrients (especially fibre) is crucial to improve gut absorption and balance hormones. Avoiding the “diet” mentality of restriction and calorie counting and focusing on quality nutrition allows fat release, anti-ageing and high energy levels.

How to: eat a wide variety of nutrient-dense foods (wholegrains, fruits, vegetables, lean meats, legumes and healthy fats such as olive oil and avocado) and allow occasional small indulgences


The Well Path by Jamé Heskett
The Well Path by Jamé Heskett


Sleep, sex, stress release and social interaction are the core elements that impact the general health and happiness of all women. With these components balanced, wellbeing, weightloss, slowed ageing, hormonal balance and disease avoidance can be achieved.

How to: aim to get more quality sleep so you feel refreshed and energized in the morning, engage in sexual activity that makes you feel confident and satisfied (often spontaneity result in the most pleasure), develop some self care tools (eg. meditation, yoga, therapy) for responding effectively to stressors, aim to have three positive interactions with others on a daily basis (someone in your family/ immediate circle, a stranger and someone who annoys you).


Dr Heskett’s code for maximum fat-for-energy exercise conversion aims to improve strength, flexibility, endurance, balance and cardiac capacity with a large focus on fun. Creating enjoyment exercise environments is critical for long-term active behavior.

How to: make exercise enjoyable by incorporating regular sessions that elevate your heart rate. Try hiking with a friend, kayaking with your kids or even bike riding to work each day. Creating a flexible and pleasurable exercise regime is crucial for long-term health and wellness.

Stephanie King

Stephanie is a qualified Exercise and Sport Scientist who lives and breathes all things health and fitness. An Eastern Suburbs local, Stephanie spends her weekends being active outdoors, sipping on an espresso and hunting down the best smashed avo toast in Bondi. She has travelled to 5 out of 7 continents, jumped off one skyscraper and out of one plane to date.

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