7 benefits of yoga you may not know from better sex to lasting love.

The more we hear about yoga, the more we love it. Eastern suburbs yoga teacher Leonie Percy talks about 7 benefits of yoga you may not know.

The benefits of yoga are almost endless.

1 – Yoga teaches us to love ourselves. Our real self, not the self we project onto the world. It helps us remove the barriers we put up around ourselves and be vulnerable and whole hearted.

2 – Yoga teaches us that we can manifest the life we want. If you want to love again, write down the type of person you want to attract.

3 – Yoga opens our hearts. This allows us to feel infinite love and joy in our life. We will experience the most divine sex we have ever had because we feel so connected to ourselves and others

4 –Yoga makes us mindful. Being present and living in the moment brings us peace. It frees us from the pain of the past and stops us worrying about the future. Happiness is right here, right now.

5 – Yoga teaches us to love our body . We feel grateful that we have a healthy body and we learn to nourish it by making healthy food choices. We respect our bodies and learn to listen to it. We sleep when you are tired and feel energised when we are awake.

6 – Yoga teaches us how to relax. We are over stimulated and we don’t know how to switch off.  Yoga teaches us to slow down, take a breath and let go of the emotional stress we cause ourselves by getting lost in our story that plays over and over again in our mind.

7 – Yoga gives us gratitude. When we are grateful for what we have, we do not long for anything more. Gratitude makes life magical and we appreciate moments like they are a gift.

Leonie  is a qualified yoga teacher and the founder of Yoga Mamata. Three years ago her marriage ended in a heartbeat and she was devastated to become a single mum.  It was a very challenging time for her, as she learned to cope with the loss of her marriage. Leonie felt lost, overwhlemed, angry  and had regular panic attacks.The only thing that helped her was her weekly power yoga practice. Each time Leonie did yoga, she cried and saw a glimpse of light and the hope that everything would be ok.

Connect with Yoga Mamata  www.yogamamata.com

Leonie is the author of Mother Om – Connect to yourself and your child in one mindful moment a day that will be published on mothers  day in May this year.

How do you benefit from yoga?


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