A wardrobe Detox – why you need it now.

Stop shopping and look at what you’ve already got. Your wardrobe Detox  – why you need it now.

Every woman needs a wardrobe detox at least once a year. “Women keep clothes for a multitude of reasons and that is ok,” explains Sydney stylist Belinda Janis.

Australian women overspend $945 million a year on clothes according to research by Best & Less. That is, they spend that much on clothes they didn’t intend to buy and do not need. Any woman will admit (when pressed) she has clothes in her wardrobe she doesn’t wear – even fitness gear. Not many don’t have a clothing item unworn with the tag still on.

Sydney stylist Belinda Janis believes women should spend less on new clothes and focus more on what they already have. She is an expert in fashion styling and de-cluttering and helping women make the most of what they’ve got. Once she understands a woman’s style, she recommends purchases they will wear time and time again as well as finding multiple new combinations with what they already have in their wardrobe.

“Most women consider a wardrobe detox a scary thing at first,” she explains. “I ask them to get together 10-20 items they  are unsure about or don’t wear as a starting point, and to have a couple of outfits together they usually wear so I can see their style.

“There is also a sheet to fill out so I know what their current style is,  as well as their ideal style, and what they want to achieve from my visit.”

In just two hours, Belinda  goes through an entire wardrobe including shoes and accessories, and finds new sets of clothes from the items already there. She even photographs them so the new looks are not forgotten. If there are items that no longer work, she explains how to sell them on ebay to make some extra cash.

From top to toe, a wardrobe stylist can re-configure your look.

“Usually clients find two hours is plenty,” she says, “they always have something special to show me and items they want to purge. One client had a collection of denim skirts she never wore. I never tell people to throw everything away – that client kept a couple even though she never wore them as she was emotionally attached to them in some way. Women keep clothes for a multitude of reasons and that is ok.”

“Another woman had a great collection of special occasion garments, but was lacking the basics to bring them all together. There are always new ways to wear clothes and ways to match one or two items.”

A few days after the visit from Belinda, a letter and style sheet is sent out detailing the new wardrobe finds, body shape, suggestions as well as a list of items needed to complete the wardrobe and a suggestion of where to buy them. It’s a huge help as the whole process can be a little daunting.

“People are time poor and often need fresh eyes to guide them on how to wear their clothing,” she says.

Check out Belinda’s website at www.bstylesu.com

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