A Beginners Guide to Doing Yoga

doing yoga for the first time

Ever wondered why you should do yoga?  Here is a beginner’s guide to getting to your first class:

There are so many benefits of yoga, from reduced anxiety to lower blood pressure, increased strength and even increased bone density, and the benefits are equally as good for guys. But if you’ve never tried it, you may be nervous.

From the perception it is boring and too slow or that you may not be good or flexible enough to do it let alone cope with a class, taking the first step into yoga can be challenging.

Yoga mirrors life in many ways. Everyone has to start somewhere, and there will be a class and a studio that you feel comfortable with and that works for you. There are a range of different types of yoga too.

Many men prefer to hire a private coach or do yoga with a friend at home to watch and copy at first to grasp the basics and to develop some strength.

If you are healthy and fit and want a challenge, try Ashtanga, vinyasa or vinyasa flow. If a spiritual experience is what you are after, Jivamukti might work for you.

If you are already super strong, yin or hatha yoga will help balance your routine and focus on flexibility and calm.

Iyengar is positive if you have an injury or want to focus on alignment.

The key is to try a few different styles of yoga and see which one feels right for you right now. Yoga is becoming so popular most mainstream gyms have classes.

Once you have found a style you like, try different teachers, as each has their own style and way of hosting a class, using music and/or readings, and doing the poses.

Yoga can be expensive, so don’t be shy to ask for an introductory pass, free first class or a discounted first month. Most studios offer something for beginners.

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