Why Pilates Could Be The Easiest Way To Get The Body You Want


Pilates is having a huge re-surgence in Sydney with studios popping up all over the place. M Power Pilates in Bondi invited me  to spend a month with them, and it was fantastic.

The experience has already changed my relationship with pilates and exercise in general – and with my body.

I generally like fast, hard exercise. Running, weights and fast classes, so taking up pilates was a challenge for me at first.

woman in black workout gear in front of mirror.
Renae Leith-Manos road tests M Power Pilates in Bondi.

For the first week, the classes did seems a bit slow and I wasn’t convinced I would like it or that my body would respond.

But the incredible physiques of the teachers kept me inspired as well as promises of mental clarity. Plus my body started to like slowing down and stretching out.

There are a lot of different types of pilates including matt and reformer – and the great thing about the studio I went to was they have spring as well as reformer and matt, and they mix the classes around. No chance of boredom.

Peta Green from M Power  Pilates explains; “Pilates is an entire system that incorporates a multitude of exercises across a range of different pieces of equipment. 

The reformer is just one. Like  all natural movements, clients need to challenge their strength, stability and flexibility in different environments, at different paces and with constant variety. In one week our clients can choose a different workout each time.”

This concept alone helped change my perception of what pilates really is. Every time I went to the studio, there was something new to learn and experience.

I quickly learnt the more pilates I did, the faster the results would come – might sound obvious, but it wasn’t to me.

legs in pilates spring
Renae Leith-Manos at M Power Pilates, Bondi.

Peta explains: “Many people know the famous quote by Joseph Pilates “in 10 days you will feel the difference, in 20 you will see the difference and in 30 you will be on your way to having a whole new body.”  

Well I have to agree. After 14 days of 3 classes a week, I could already see and feel the difference in my body, andI quickly learnt that pilates is quality not quantity. A new concept for me. (M power run a program where you can spend 30 days testing out this theory).

And I definitely felt calmer.

Peta explains it best; “The advantages of doing Pilates over other exercise it that it gives you an all round body conditioning as well as mind body connection. 

It’s not all about punching out 100 burpees it about small reps done with efficiency of movement. Quality not quantity. 

Many clients say that they feel like they have given their body a massage after the session. In Pilates you lengthen and strengthen the muscles so you feel taller and more open after a session as well as feeling strong and centered.

For ways to get more out of pilates, click here, but the best way is to commit to 30 days and watch your body go.

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Renae Leith-Manos

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