Refillable Beauty Products That Also Help The Planet

refillable beauty packaging

Help save the planet one beauty product at a time using refillable beauty products.

Over 120 billion units of packaging are being produced by the beauty industry annually as a result of normalisation in using plastic for packaging.

And consumers are one of the biggest contributors to the waste this causes. Although recycling is thought of as the solution, it is not enough to throw away empty tubes and compacts into the correct bin. As only 7% of plastic waste is actually repurposed.

refillable beauty packaging Fenty beauty
Fenty skin make the switch to refillable packaging

So, what should consumers be doing then to reduce waste?

The responsibility is not just on consumers, beauty brands must also make a change as to how their products are affecting the environment.

Click HERE and HERE to learn more about plastic waste around the world.

Fortunately, there are brands that have realised the impact they are having on the planet and have taken greater responsibility towards making the beauty industry more sustainable.

One of the ways this is being done, is through refillable packaging, which reduces the plastic waste by reusing the materials.

We can support this change and preserve the environment by making the simple switch to buying from brands that have created refillable packaging for their products.

As a guide on this eco-friendly journey here are five beauty brands that have made the switch to refillable beauty:

Fenty skin

refillable beauty packaging

Rihanna has integrated eco-conscious design into her packaging but still manages to keep it aesthetic and functional.

Fenty Skin has eradicated any use of excess packaging where possible. Packaging is also re-usable with a refillable system where you only need to purchase the refill. All shipping boxes with Fenty are 100% recyclable as well.

Fenty Skin also has an entire page devoted to explaining how they have implemented refillable beauty click here.


refillable beauty packaging OUAI

Ouai has committed to working towards a greener future which helps reduce their environmental impact.

Recyclable materials are used for packaging where possible, with their shampoo and conditioner containers being 100% recyclable.

They also reuse consumer plastics to make their packaging. To reduce 60% of plastic, Ouai has also created refillable pouches for hair products as well as body cleansers and hand lotions.

To find out more about how they are working towards sustainable beauty click here.

La Mer

refillable beauty packaging LA MER

La Mer fully supports ocean sustainability and promotes this through its environmental campaigns.

La Mer has reduced its impact on the deforestation of kelp beds by only hand sourcing their key ingredient of kelp twice a year.

They also reuse by introducing refills in their packaging, like their luminous compact foundation. Packaging is also recyclable by using glass materials and sugar-cane bioplastic.

Read about La Mer’s mission to protect marine habitats around the world click here.

Eco Minerals

ECO minerals refillable beauty packaging

Aussie brand, Eco Minerals is eco-friendly and has removed palm oil from all of its products. On record, palm oil has caused the destruction of tropical forests in varying countries around the world.

Reuse Eco Mineral’s jars with a purchase of their refill satchels for nearly all powder products ranging from eyeshadows to mineral-powder foundation.

Packaging is also reduced in their lip products and recyclable as Eco Mineral uses bio-degradable materials for their containers.

Click here to see how Eco Minerals are creating their eco refills.

Drunk Elephant

Drunk Elephant refillable beauty packaging

Drunk Elephant owned by Shiseido a Japanese beauty conglomerate follows an ethical and sustainable philosophy by using clean and natural ingredients only.

They reduce the amount of plastic used in packaging by offering refillable containers and send back deals to customers.

In 2020 they also evolved their packaging to be recyclable and sustainable. Their packaging is also meant to be easy to reuse to store any other beauty creams, serums or oils that customers may have.

Drunk Elephant is making a difference with their little refills click here to read about it.

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