Hustle Boxing – This Is Going To Be Big.

This is the kind of fitness I could get used to. The boxing is hard work, but at Hustle it comes with all the trimmings you usually only dream of.

Hustle Boxing is a modern day boxing fitness class at it most organised, technologically advanced, and best. It is fast, fun and gets results.

It opened about 6 months ago in Potts Point, Sydney, and with 50 stations per class available, it is bursting at the seems with gorgeous, fit energetic people punching it out.

Brunette woman punching black droplet plastic boxing bag with huge image of woman wearing white and red boxing gloves on wall behind
Hustle is a tough boxing class, no doubt, and you will sweat a lot. But that’s surely what you’re there for?

No detail has been spared at Hustle Boxing – your locker even has a built-in phone charger so you come out of class with your phone good to go.

people walking out of white building surrounded by leafy green trees in urban sydney
There are people pouring in and out of Hustle all wanting to get fighting fit via boxing.

There are boxing glove liners, and boxing gloves ( they recommend you buy your own), and about half the class is spent boxing and half on the floor doing weights.

The boxing class is basically in the dark. When you walk in, Hustle feels like a nightclub, and it 6.15 am that can be a touch daunting. Each class has a famous ‘hustler’ to inspire, from Marilyn Munroe to Mick Jagger.

It’s a tough class, no doubt, and you will sweat a lot. But that’s surely what you’re there for?

There are TV screens to guide you along the way with both boxing and floor exercise techniques, which really helps with precision. Each class is 50 minutes and every class is different, so no chance of boredom. And being in the dark, no-one around you is really aware of what you are doing and how hard you are pushing yourself. That is up to you.

There is a huge age range of people in each class from the fabulously fit teens and male boxing types right up to mums and daughters and even beyond. I liked that element a lot. They are all there to get fit, lose weight, but most of all to box.

black punching bag with red strip and blonde woman hitting bag
When you finish a class you are even offered an iced cool-down towel from a tray to wipe away the sweat.

When you finish a class, you are even offered an iced cool-down towel from a tray to wipe away the sweat. The only other place I have seen that is on the planes.

The bathrooms are packed with beauty products, including Dyson hairdryers and GHD’s – wow. Plus the usual deodorants to get you off on your day.

This is not a class for the faint-hearted, as it is tough, and boxing commands its own type of energy and force, but if you want to get quick results and lose weight or get fit fast and have a great time boxing (and be pampered just a bit), this is a lot of fun.

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