Why Trampolining Is The Best At-Home Winter Workout

Trampo-line class

Bondi Beauty trialled an online trampoline class and the verdict is in…trampolining is an easier, quicker way to burn fat than running.

Long-gone are the days where jumping on a trampoline is reserved for kids. 

With a wealth of health benefits, trampolining is fast becoming the newest at-home cardio trend.

Just 10 minutes on the trampoline is equivalent to 30 minutes of running.

Our team was given the opportunity to participate in a private online workout led by the co- founder and business manager of Trampo-line, Magdalena Rudzka.

As first-time jumpers we were excited to try out a new form of cardio.

The workout involves a mixture of both low-intensity and high-intensity jumping routines as well as a core body workout and a relaxation element at the end.  

It turns out trampolining is not only a very entertaining form of exercise but is also a lot more demanding than it seems.

After a brilliant workout session, our team was sweating hard but feeling energised for the rest of the day.

We spoke to Magdalena about her Surry Hills based company Trampo-line and why this whacky new workout is actually more effective than jogging or running.

“I set up Trampo-line 2 years ago, after only being in Australia 1 year and barely being able to speak English.”

“Trampolining peaked my interest when Hollywood celebrities including Madonna, Gwenyth Paltrow and Cindy Crawford started raving about it. I soon realised it was a growing fad in the USA and was also emerging across Europe.”

“My trampoline business is  Australia’s first health and fitness brand solely focused on alternative cardio & rebounding workouts utilising mini trampolines.”

Trampo-line class
Burn up to 1200 calories.

Magdalena talked to Bondi Beauty about the health benefits of rebounding and how it is the most effective total-body workout.

This killer workout targets almost every system in the human body, increasing blood circulation, producing endorphins, encouraging better posture and coordination, improving the immune system and aiding in weight loss.

As we enter the colder months of Winter this trendy workout is the perfect way to warm up and get social by doing a trampoline class from the comfort of your home. 

For an instructor-led session, Trampo-line is currently offering classes at their Surry Hills venue as well as offering a fortnight of unlimited livestream classes for $99 per person.

All classes are led by their super-friendly staff and are accompanied with lively, upbeat music to help maintain your motivation throughout the 50 minute session.

From kids to adults, trampolining is suitable for all ages, excluding pregnant women or those with pelvic floor issues.

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